President Mahama touts achievements to ECOWAS leaders (Video)

President John Mahama has touted the achievement of his government in his last address to ECOWAS leaders on Saturday.

President Mahama, who joined other sub-regional leaders to mediate the Gambia crisis, said his tenure as president of Ghana saw him supervise significant reforms for the economic transformation of Ghana.

“During my tenure, we supervised some quite significant investment in our social and economic infrastructure,” he said.

“And I also superintended significant structural reforms in our economy,” he added.

The president also hailed Ghana’s democracy, adding that the just ended election further consolidated the gains made thus far.
“Ghana has enjoyed a very positive reputation as the model democracy and I believe that this election has consolidated that reputation even further,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude to Ghanaians for the opportunity to serve them as their president, and also recalled his entry into the political scene.

He said: “I am grateful to the almighty and the people of Ghana for the opportunity to have served in the high office of the president.

“I have enjoyed a fulfilling career since I emerged onto the political scene in Ghana in 1996, I served as Member of parliament for three terms, I served as deputy minister, as a minister, as vice president and ultimately the president of my country.”

President Mahama also used his address to invite the regional leaders to the inauguration of president-elect Nana Akufo-Addo.

He further thanked them for their role in the success of the elections.
“I wish to say that elections were successfully held on December 7th, I want to thank ECOWAS for its role in the success of the elections and to thank the observer missions that were with us throughout the period and other observer missions specifically the African Union, EU and Commonwealth missions. We currently have a joint transition team working to ensure a smooth transition of power from one government to the other,” he said.

On his plans after leaving office, the president noted that he has no immediate plans.

According to him, he will take a long rest since he has been working for three years without break.

“Many people have asked me what my plans are, I have no plans yet. My immediate intention is to take a well-deserved rest after 3 years of working without a single break,” he said.

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