President Mahama is a unique man with character

It is close to four year since President John Dramani Mahama was sworn in as our fourth President of the four republic. It is that democratic environment that Ghana is enjoying which made that possible. Though had many leaders in 59 years may be seen as no much progress in one’s country democratic consolidation I think we are doing better than a lot of countries in that front.

I know there will be people who will say our democracy and political landscape doesn’t qualify to be called matured. If not my question will be always the same. With whom are you comparing Ghana or Africa with/to? We are Ghana what we should only do is learn from others and later adopt our own mode which fits us.

Our democracy, culture, way of life or development is all dependant on us. We make what we are as a country or as individual citizens. We can not be another Britain, Japan, Nigeria, Chile or Canada. We are us. This also applies to the leadership in our country. Elected or appointed our leaders as citizens or humans are unique in their own way. This includes President Mahama and all political, religious or traditional leaders. They can not be called another Obama, Castro, Thatcher, Mandela or Wo. Mahama is Mahama and nobody else.

As the leader of our country President Mahama must be protected and respected by all Ghanaians home and abroad. The problem is that we think there is a way Presidents should behave and do things. I know there is a public relations element to be looked into. But I think a President should bring his or her own personality out. They are human after all. It is sad that the character of Mahama is being taken advantage of especially by his enemies and those in opposition. We have in him a leader who has not forgotten his humble back ground. He mixes with people like they are his peers. I am not trying to sugar-coat his personality. I am just trying to bring on board what I see.

How you see Mahama coming out on pictures is what he looks like and it’s how he is. Others will pause for photos 1000 time so that they look like western leaders or look good. Mahama doesn’t need to do that because he is a natural. I have heard or seen people compare themselves to other world leaders. In Mahama you have a President who wants people to see who he is and not an actor.

Being President doesn’t mean he has to have a red carpet put for him at a funeral house or burial site. He won’t mind sitting on the ground or floor with everyone. When a picture is take you will see that he is not acting or waiting for cameras to capture his stance. Like I said he is a natural.

Mahama dresses for the occasion and not out of context. His cloths fit him well. One thing that I have also observed is that even before he became President you would see that. I know people have questioned his dressing. His answer was cool as you may like it. He said he was working and had a salary so he bought cloths. Moreover, he said he always liked good cloths. Which is true.

I don’t want to hero worship him but I am saying things as they are. Those who have followed my posts. I never do that on people. But today I thought of doing it. I have heard a lot of people hero worshipping other Presidents and world leaders. The same things President Mahama is doing if done by a leader from the so called developed countries. People will even change their social media profile picture to that leader. Done by your own he will be called names. This is how much effect the colonial masters have done/left and if you ask me inferiority complex is at play.

I have also met Ghanaians in the diaspora who say bad things about our Presidents and say good things about world leaders or countries who are responsible for over half of the deaths of millions of civilians in the Middle East. My belief is that people who are not proud of their leaders or country have a problem in taking pride of their families or individual self-esteem.

Mahama is changing how people see the Presidency. He has his own style and character which is/are earning him respect. He has his own weakness but that is human. He has always admitted when he has done that. That’s how humans behave and act. Humility is a very important gift which a few leaders posses. I think President Mahama is one of the most humble leaders of our time. Ghanaians want to see a leader who is identified with them. Blended with hard work people will accept such a person.

Let the man enjoy his life. Let the man have a peace of mind. His character should not change because he is President. I know there are challenges in our country. But that should not mean the President should not have a laugh with people. If people think they have a good heart than the President let them sell their cars, mansions and companies and give money to the poor. Probably we should all pretend to be sad due to challenges in our country.

As Ghanaians we dance, drink and love to mix with people of all walks of life. Being President has not or should not stop him to do that. As long as he does his job I wouldn’t mind showing him some dancing skills.

People may insult him, photo-shop his pictures or deform his face and character. Uncle Eddie will always be unique in his own right. Please have a life and leave him alone.

What do you think?

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