One thing that I always remember my first football team coach called Godwin at Tema community 4 for is the term “force them to play nonsense”. It’s a football system where you press your opponents and don’t give them breathing space till they lose the ball and that’s what today’s Barcelona has refined and blend with their silky play to produce one of the most beautiful system of play dubbed the “tika taka” style.

But in the history of football, Arrigo Sachi who led AC Milan to two champions league titles in a row (89 and 90) is known as the coach who best applied the “force them to play nonsense” tactics and his team remains the only team to win the Champions League back to back till now.

Ooooops, I am talking politics and not football so let me get back on track. The cost of the redenomination of the Cedi in 2007 is one issue most Ghanaians don’t know about because the then media for whatever reason did not deem it necessary to throw light on the press conference where then governor, Dr. Paul Acquah declared the cost. So we needed a patriotic Ghanaian to bring the issue up again in this era where the npp and their media friends even request for cost of sleeping.

President John Mahama being the astute communicator with all his certificates intact finally pulled the plug by asking Dr. Bawumia and the npp to come out and tell Ghanaians how much we spent on the redenomination and Dr. Bawumia in his usual posture arrogantly pulled up what had been buried since 2007 after calling the President names and attacking his person.

After reading the reaction of Dr. Bawumia, the first thing that popped up on my mind was “force them to play nonsense”. What Dr. Bawumia and his npp did not realize was the fact that the President just “forced them to play nonsense” by pulling up an information about 90% of Ghanaians did not know about. He did not only pull up information of the $66.2 million we spent on the redenomination but also the $94.8 million we spent in 2003 and 2006 as a nation in the name of replacing worn out notes and coins. They did not tell us how much we spent on printing the new 10,000 and 20,000 cedis notes though. So in all, we spent $161 million on printing our cedis from 2001 – 2008 plus whatever we spent on the new 10,000 and 20,000 cedis notes and most Ghanaians will know about this from today.

Let’s see some other interesting revelations in the information buried since 2007. After spending $161 million on printing new currency (worn out notes and coins and the redenomination) from 2001 – 2008, the government of the day ensured that the old currency was phased out of the system but ensured the cedis seized to legal tender while they continued to exchange it for the new Ghana Cedi at banks for six solid months. Are you thinking what I am thinking??? How difficult was it going to be for the old currency sent to the banks by citizens to be given back to then government officials to send back to the banks and exchange them for the new cedis again over the six months period??? I see coach Godwin’s favourite “force them to play nonsense” term dancing around this.

Please, I just asked a question oooo. I never said because they shared the international students’ hostel lands and their uncompleted affordable housing projects among themselves so they shared and recycled the old currency and continued taking the new currency as well for six months oooo. I am not because P. C. Appiah Ofori said every member of the majority npp in Parliament then (Nana Addo was in Parliament if I am not mistaken) took $5,000 to approve the sale of Ghana Telecom so they shared and recycled the old currency and continued taking the new currency as well for six months oooo.

Chai, President Mahama is bad paaaa oooo. See how he has applied the “force them to play nonsense” football tactics here and succeeded in making Bawumia and the npp pull out an information buried since 2007. I will be back to throw more light on others issues about the cost of the redenomination which had been buried for almost a decade but brought to the fore after the President applied what I term the “force them to play nonsense” tactics.

Do you know that if the npp government had not undertaken this exercise, Ghana would not have been able to purchase cocoa beans the next crop year??? Well, you would get to know about that in my next episode. These are the people (npp) telling us that they are the best managers of our economy. President Mahama successfully applied the “force them to play nonsense” tactics and we will know a lot about the buried information henceforth.

Watch out for my second piece on this issue because that will be packed and full of revelations.
Catch you on the flip side, folks.


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