President Mahama Exposes The NPP and Bugri Naabu’s Lies To Konkombas” Konkomba Youth For NDC

The young and the energetic Konkomba Youth Group, who have volunteered to preach to their people about the good things President John Dramani Mahama is doing and how important the NDC as a party recognize the entire Kokomba community have said, the President has exposed the NPP and their Northern Regional Chairman Bugri Naabu for the lies they have spewed across the Konkomba communities just to win their votes

It can be recalled that, in recent times, the NPP led by Bugri Naabu have tried every possible best to deceive the Konkomba Community making them to believe, the President hates them and that, he is not ready to work with any Konkomba man, hence, he’s reason for not including any of them in his Government. Bugri Naabu took this message to almost all the Konkomba communities in the country, painting the President black to them.

But according the the Konkomba Youth For Mahama, they claim, the President has exposed Bugri Naabu and his cohorts with the recent appointments he made over the week. The Konkomba Youth For NDC believe, the President is eventually exposing the lies told their people by the NPP. Speaking to the National President of the Group, Mr. Mumuni Believer Likpalmor, he told that, ”the President has demonstrated, he is ready to work with everybody including we Konkombas. Gradually, the lies of the NPP claiming the President doesn’t want to work with our people is being dismissed. As I am speaking to you, we have a Konkomba man as the Deputy Chief of Staff in the person of Hon. Kenneth Wujangi and now Hon John Oti Bless as the Dep. Minister for Local Government among others.
Mumuni Believer Likpalmor The National President
We want to use this as an opportunity to plead on the President to do more since these lies have really eaten deep into our people. When ever we go to some part of our communities to campaign for the President, they tell us, the NPP have come to tell them the President doesn’t like our people. We are doing our best as a group to also debunk these lies and make sure we campaign vigorously for the President to retain the seat as the President of the Republic of Ghana after this November 7th Polls.” Mr. Believer expressed.
We are hereby inviting all the Konkomba Youth who believe in the ideologies of the NDC to come on board to join us campaign for President Mahama. The NDC belongs to us and President John Dramani Mahama is part of us. Let us not allow anyone to come and deceive us because of their stomach. The NDC is the only umbrella everybody, irrespective of where you are coming from and who you are can join without encountering any backlashes, backbiting and suspension when you are seen as a force to reckon with. Lets open our eyes. ”Nna abiab” He added.

The Konkomba Youth For NDC thanked the President for nominating one of their own Hon John Oti Bless as the Dep Minister for Local Government and Rural Development designate in his recent appointment made this week. They also rallied their unflinching support to the Hon Dep Minister of their support to make sure he is able to work assiduously to transform Ghana and change lives.

Below is the Press Statement of the group Konkomba Youth For NDC………….

A PRESS RELEASE BY KONKOMBA YOUTH FOR NDC THANKING H.E JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA FOR NOMINATING HON. JOHN OTI BLESS AS THE DEPUTY MINISTER OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT. We, the Konkomba Youth for the National Democratic Congress write to thank H.E John Dramani Mahama for nominating Hon. John Oti Bless as the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development designate.
On the other hand, we wish to use this medium to congratulate Hon. John Oti Bless for the opportunity to serve in H.E John Dramani Mahama’s government to achieve the changing lives and transforming Ghana agenda. Your selfless service and dedication to duty as a member of parliament and most importantly to party work is unparalled.
As a result, your nomination did not come as a surprise but a demonstration of your capabilities and servitude. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have no doubt in our minds of hon. John Oti Bless’ hardwork to justify the confidence H.E John Dramani Mahama has reposed in him. As a youth group, we promise our unflinching and continuous support to Hon. John Oti Bless in this crucial position of our national development.
In conclusion, we urge the teeming Konkomba Youth to campaign assiduously to canvass more votes to retain H.E John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress as we go into the general elections. Thank You and long Live the NDC !!! Long Live Ghana !!!!

Mumuni Believer Likpalmor (President) Tel: 0501062925
Benjamin Bitrim (Vice President) Tel: 0243504947
Njonolah Linus (Secretary) Tel: 0209883023
Ayamba Jacob (Public Relation Officer) Tel: 0243062533
Stephen Kofi Gbili (Treasurer) Tel: 0243455277
Nakoja Reindorf (Organizer) Tel: 0207695058
Chief Amin Issah (Northern Regional Rep) Tel: 0246164316
Mr. Anthony Grefa(Ashanti Regional Rep) Tel: 0503468644
Stephen Kenneth Nakujah (Greater Regional Rep) Tel: 0244662684
John Lakpab Ishmeal (Brong Ahafo Rep) Tel: 0243661327
Mosses Tangee (Eastern Regional Rep) Tel: 0204928620
Tigon Prosper (Volta Regional Rep) Tel: 0209088240
Onesimus Tibiso (Upper West Regional Rep) Tel: 0209722621
Damba Adam (Upper East Region


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