Less than two years of leaving office, Ghanaians are yearning and crying for the return of John Mahama. The reversal of his achievements is visible in all sectors of the economy as the vibrant and fundamentally strong economy he bequeathed to his successor is today in great recession and near depression. There is widespread disappointment among the Ghanaian people with his performance as the chief executive of corporate Ghana.

There is a strong perception that Akufo-Addo spent most of the two years either in complaining, attending extensive dinners, insulting his critics, creating jobs for his family members and associates, settling debt he brought into government or organising lectures to eulogise J.B Danquah and his father.

Akufo Addo promised millions of jobs but instead thousands of jobs meant for the 15-30 age group were lost over the last 18 months. Job creation under the current administration is very low. There is an undercurrent of anger among the middle class population over having to pay excessive taxes, which has led to mind boggling high prices of fuel.

His predecessor President John Mahama handed over a Ghana

-Rated the best in the subregion terms of human development index. Ghana has lost that enviable position under Akufo Addo.

-that had grown to become the second largest economy in West Africa. The IMF projected that the economy of Ghana will grow by 8 percent between 2017 and 2018. The growth rate is likely to drop to between 6-7 percent by 2019 because of the administration’s economic policies.

– with the second strongest currency in the sub region. The Cedi is falling at an alarming rate under Akufo Addo.

-with a vibrant banking sector. Banks are collapsing under the current administration and Ghanaians have started losing confidence in the banks

-maintained fuel price(s) at a reasonable level despite enormous challenges and handed over a relatively stable fuel regime. The new phenomenon under this administration is weekly fuel price increase.

-Solved Ghana’s decades old power crisis by adding thousands of megawatts of power to whet he inherited. He left left behind an electricity net exporter Ghana. Akufo Addo has not added a single megawatts…exporting what his predecessor bequeathed to him and renegotiating the old agreements (Ameri)

– a country with massive infrastructural improvement across the country. Akufo Addo, for cheap political reasons has abandoned important national projects started under John Mahama including schools, hospitals, roads, markets etc

-handed over a vibrant Electoral Commission that engendered fairness in its conduct and conclusions culminating in the award the US Embassy conferred on Madam Charlotte Osei. Akufo Addo and his agents have destroyed the credibility of the EC and rendered it useless with their anti Charlotte agenda and unnecessary interferences

-a Ghana rated the most Business friendly country in the sub region. The latest World Bank ,US Embassy and Barclays Bank South Africa reports on doing business in Africa indicate that investors have lost confidence in the Ghanaian economy and Ghana dropped in the doing business environment rating.

-Ghana dropped 11 places from the 2016 to place 81 out of 180 countries on the 2017 corruption perception index.

-A Ghana with a well planned sanitation policy. Sanitation under Akufo Addo is terrible

-a peaceful Ghana with the security agents in full control. Security under Akufo Addo is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Vigilantism is gradually becoming part of our political system, judges and state officials are being terrorised by these vigilante groups

The worst government Ghana ever had, the Busia/Edward Akuffo-Addo regime was better than this Super Incompetent government. Unemployment has accelerated high under this administration, corruption is being glorified by the President who has assigned himself the duty of clearing his corrupt officials.

The President is using his office for illegitimate private gains at the expense of the taxpayers. According to a report published by a Gabon based anti corruption agency, Akufo Addo is among the first ten most corrupt leaders on the continent. Prime Minister Cameron, openly praised President Mahama for his genuine and sincere steps against corruption and the approach he adopted. Ghana’s position on Transparency International’s rating improved under Mahama because of his strong and genuine stance against corruption in his government and beyond.

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