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President Akufo-Addo’s image as an astute human right lawyer and respected political figure has disappeared, and he has so far shown a mind boggling lack of initiative, creativity and new thinking in government, reneging on his gargantuan preelection promises.

In momentous elections last year, Ghanaians voted the NDC out of power as millions of Ghanaians enthusiastically placed their faith in Akufo-Addo to fulfil those sweet promises. But sadly, it seems that the optimistic narrative about the former human right advocate, lawyer and demonstrations strategist Ghanaians were buying into were little more than myth. The once respected human right lawyer is pursuing a selective war against corruption and ignoring the rule of law. Recent developments including sacking of some staff of YEA, NCA and other state agencies based on perception that they are pro-NDC, is making the President lose respect. Many of voted for Nana Akufo-Addo because of his human right credentials. Others wanted to taste his leadership because of his political activities in the past including his role in demonstrations in the country and how he challenged the establishment from the 70s. But with the hounding of opposition members, the massive corruption on his administration and attempts by him and his henchmen to shield corrupt officials, the unprecedented nepotism and lavish spending of state funds, activities of his vigilante groups and emerging divisive tendencies, he is losing respect in the eyes of the Ghanaians and the international community. These negative developments are eroding his integrity. The way and manner the Akufo-Addo government and the ruling party are harassing opposition members and persons perceived as sympathetic to the NDC is unbecoming and disheartening. I think the President and his party should emulate President Mahama who was insulted by many of the leaders of the Npp and supporters but ignored them and focused on his duties and responsibilities. His actions and actions of his appointees and party folks are endangering our democracy and making mockery of our great nation. The incessant acts of impunity and raining of insults on critics of the administration by Presidency officials and other appointees of the President have become alarming and ludicrous. Governance under Akufo-Addo has been reduced to a theatre of the absurd. The President’s appointees are needlessly and embarrassingly flexing muscles and and creating unnecessary tension in the country and all we they do is having fun and regaling themselves at the expense of the nation. Ghanaians including the spare parts dealers who funded the Npp campaign are complaining bitterly about hardship in the country, the collapsed economy and pervasive corruption going on in this administration. Yet, the President and his appointees are preoccupied with trivialities and inanities. The President must be made to know that he has lost grip of his government and Ghanaians including some loyal supporters of the Npp are beginning to believe , as a statement of fact, Ken Agyepong and A-plus allegation that a cabal has taken over his government. His defence that he knows Ken and that’s how he behaves, is hollow in the ears of discerning Ghanaians. The tail is wagging the dog now and it is time the President takes effective and firm action to reverse this ugly and unwholesome trend.
Having been carried to the flagstaff house on a wave of optimism this year, President Akufo-Addo’s eleven months in office has been characterised by serious crisis: the fundamentally strong economy he inherited is on the brink of recession, escalating militancy in the name of vigilantism, high fuel price, massive corruption and nepotism. Ghanaians are still waiting to hear something positive about his flamboyant and fantastical promises. People have began wondering why President Akufo-Addo would wrap and trap himself in such unsustainable obligations. Because of these huhudous promises the administration is preoccupied with managing expectations and peddling falsehoods about the previous administration instead of governing. The unpreparedness that plagued the early days of the Akufo-Addo administration exemplified by the fact that he had to plagiarized speeches, reflected its inability to bear the weight of those elephantic promises they made.

Prof Mills was voted into office because of humility and his record in public service when he worked with the sports council and IRS. Most of our tax laws were drafted by Prof. Kufour was elected because of how he carried himself in opposition and the desire at the time to change the PNDC/NDC trend. President Mahama won the election because of how he carried himself over the years, his exploits in the various portfolios he occupied and how he supported his boss Prof Mills to achieve that enviable record within that short period in office. All of the above proved their admirers right in office. Nana Addo was elected hugely because of his human right credentials and his record when it comes to demonstrations. In office, he is doing the opposite. Citizens rights are being trampled upon with impunity, workers are being sacked for criticising his administration, he has appointed family members including his daughter as his kitchen cabinet, corruption has become pervasive in his government, judges are being harassed by his hoodlums under the guise of vigilante groups, his wife signs loan contracts on behalf of the state, properties of perceived opponents of his administration are being seized, heads of state institutions such as the Bank of Ghana, the EC etc are being harassed and being intimidated to leave office.

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