The President is now helpless in his own government and cabinet. No serious leader would allow such humiliating insubordination in his administration.

It is unthinkable that the President’s nephew would oppose his suggestions and force his own plans and policies on the President and his cabinet. What is happening in this administration shows clearly that Akufo Addo is not in charge. Things seem to have fallen apart. Never did any of his cabinet members including the Vice President even tried to override a decision that had been concluded. But his nephew who is not a member of his government does that at will and with ease. His nephew is sadist and has no respect for anybody, not even the President and his Vice. Even with the senior minister and other ministers and government staff, Gabby calls the shots in Ghana.

Sources close to the President disclosed that President Akufo Addo got some of his ministers through Gabby. He is believed to be the one some executives of the NPP and appointees of the President say did not participate in the party’s campaign, not an appointee but is now in control of government.

According to a financier of the Npp Mr Kennedy Agyepong, before one could see the President, he has to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 to Gabby as bribe. According to our source, all oil contracts must receive Gabby’s blessings before they can go through.

According to government insiders, the Ministry of Finance has contracted Gabby’s firm to review all contracts signed under the previous administration. According to our source, Gabby was behind President Akufo Addo’s inauguration speech, which lifted famous quotes from President Bush, Idi Amin, Clinton. According to our source, the Minister of information and the head of Jubilee house communication bureau, often only get to see the President’s speeches when such speeches are distributed at official functions. He enjoys same security protection as the President

The same sources added: under Akufo Addo, all types of speeches, whether on the economy, energy, education, are organised solely by Gabby Otchere-Darko who thinks he knows everything. Ministers drive to his residence to seek for his directions and approval of policies they have outlined for their ministries. Party executives and Npp parliamentarians spend hours in his house to get for government contracts.

Gabby, often described by his uncle as extremely intelligent and brilliant, arrived in Ghana from the United Kingdom jobless. According to one Esther Agyemang an Npp stalwart in the Ashanti Region, she was among those who gave financial support to Gabby when he arrived in the country. Gabby started featuring on some radio programmes but was blacklisted by some hosts because of his arrogance and uncouth behaviour on radio. His qualification as a lawyer was vehemently challenged by some lecturers and colleagues who disclosed that his certificate was not genuinely acquired. He is yet to prove his critics and those who challenged his qualification wrong. According to the source, it was Gabby, along with another nephew of the President, that forced the President to reinstate the deputy sports minister. They were the persons behind the dismissal of the BOST boss and suggested their close associate for appointment as the new BOST boss. It was Gabby who strongly forced his uncle to agree to the Ghana-US military arrangement and drafted that infamous reckless and insulting speech concerning the US-Military arrangement for the President to read to Ghanaians.

Gabby is so powerful to the point that he holds a special place in the heart of our dear president. He is so powerful and influential that he holds a position no one has and ever hold in the life of the President. The relationship has taken another dimension enough entirely with Gabby wielding absolute power and auth. Foreign and local investors have to pass their proposals through him for assessment and recommendation before the meet the President or his ministers. According to our source, without Gabby’s approval it is impossible to buy or be allocated a confiscated vehicle. They revealed that the commissioner (Customs) in charge of confiscated vehicles works directly under Gabby and acts upon his recommendations and approval. He is the one who determines who joins the President on his foreign trips and the one who responsible for hotel and travel arrangements of the President.

Akufo Addo has lost control of his government. By allowing his nephew to dictate to him how to run the country, President Akufo Addo has lost control of his government and should consider doing something about it before he incur the wrath of his own appointees who have started raising eyebrows.

In separate interviews with some newspapers in Britain, a former security capo under Kufour who spoke on strict anonymity, said, Akufo Addo should be very worried about the direction his administration is headed. An Npp UK supporter who supported the ex security capo’s assertion, said: it is entirely inconceivable in a presidential system anywhere in the world”

The UK Npp supporter disclosed that he and other party members in the United Kingdom are aware of businesses the President’s has started pushing in Europe and privy to meetings he has been holding with some business magnates in Europe.

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