I prefer Prez Mahama -Mzbel

Musician/Rapper, Mzbel is no stranger to controversies and for the past few days she has come under a barrage of attacks on social media for supposedly endorsing the candidature of President John Dramani Mahama.

She has been tagged a supporter of the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC) but the Awoso Me hitmaker has denied that in a chat with Showbiz on Tuesday.

“I’m not a member of the NDC and I don’t remember saying anywhere that I am,” Mzbel said.

Narrating the story on how she came to be tagged as a member of the ruling NDC party, the mother of one said she was asked in a radio interview of her opinion of the performance of both the NPP and NDC governments and only passed her judgment based on the developmental projects carried out by both governments.

According to her, she was convinced the ruling government has performed better based on the evidence of the many projects they have undertaken in the country on the assumption of office.

“Am I not a citizen of this country to state my opinion on issues concerning this country? I don’t know why people would attack my personality and even extend the derogatory insults to my family just because I expressed my candid opinion”.

“Besides, no one has officially contacted me to campaign for him/her so what’s the point in tagging me NDC.

“I think my critics are rather using my name and brand to campaign for the NDC party since I have never said anywhere that I belong to any particular party,” she said.

But a part of a press statement she released on Monday, the Saucy Girl artiste who has been embroiled in many controversies in the past said, “ It is a shame to see people insult, ridicule and attack my personality just because I was bold enough to voice out my political opinion to endorse H.E. President John Dramani Mahama”.

When Showbiz drew her attention to the above statement, the outspoken artiste had this to say. “ I support Mahama because of the development I have seen during his tenure but that doesn’t make me NDC”.

Probably having had enough of the “negative vibes”, Mzbel asked crusaders for peaceful elections to channel their energies to educate people on the need to be tolerant of the views of their political opponents.

“This is how election violence and chaos starts. That is, our inability to accept that we can’t all be on the same side of the political divide. They would take the least opportunity to denigrate your personality.Tolerance is key in having peaceful elections because if you attack a person, the supporters will definitely come after you and this is how violence begins”.

“Whiles preaching peace, let’s encourage the electorate to accept different political opinions.

“Besides, the most important thing to do to win votes is to sell your party and candidate and not attack people because they don’t support your choice. That isn’t right,” the Legelege artiste added.


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