PPP Gov’t Needs Just 4 Yrs. To Bring About Great Changes In Ghana. – Dr. Nduom

The 2016 Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, says leaderships so far, has not utilized the country’s resources to its fullest capacity, therefore Ghanaians have a choice now to vote for PPP for accelerated development.

He said the economic challenges facing the country are unsurmountable as a result of bad leadership, promising that a PPP government needed just 4 years to change the fortunes of the nation.

According to him, Ghanaians made a mistake by voting for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the last election.

“We are a people made poor by bad governance and leadership. Ghanaians have wasted their votes on leadership that has not utilized all our hopes and aspirations,” he said.

Dr. Nduom said Ghanaians deserved a better life than what they have been provided by the NDC.

Dr. Nduom was speaking at the GBC/ Star Ghana Presidential One-On-One Encounter that has been designed to give presidential candidates the opportunity to outline their plans and policies for Ghana.

He stated that, Ghana did not need a high number of ministers as the situation stands at the moment and that he would use only 40 ministers.

First to appear on the program was the Independent Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah, (JOY) who told Ghanaians the policies he intended to implement if he is voted for, as president.

Followed by the Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress, President John Dramani Mahama.

Representatives of institutions representing the public’s interests were in the studio to ask pertinent questions.

Also questions were taken from the regions via telephone.

Dr. Nduom urged Ghanaians to put Ghana first, as he believes in Ghana.

Dr. Nduom said his focus would be on unity in the Ghanaian politics.

“A PPP government will unite all Ghana not on party lines.”

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom said PPP is bringing competent incorruptible leadership, job creation based on competence.

He said when elected, his gov’t will ensure reforms in the constitution. “Elect MCE’s, Separate Attorney General from Minister of Justice position.

Members of Parliament will not hold ministerial positions. Executive, legislature, Parliament.”

Adding that he will abandon Regional Minister Position and use public servants.

He said PPP government led by him, would not work with more than 40 ministers.

“No regional ministers, civil servant to support administrations”

“We believe in Ghanaian prosperity. Will fight for dramatically accelerated development and inclusiveness without party. With the right qualification one can will be in the team.” He noted.

According to him, Ghanaians will be at the forefront of economic development. He said Ghanaians would experience “Accelerated development Ghanaians have never imagined.”

Dr. Nduom said he will see to it that the Right To Information Bill is passed to ensure transparency. The right to information is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the country’s 1992 Constitution and recognized as a right under International Conventions on Human rights.

The PPP presidential candidate emphasised on “Free Continuous Compulsory” Senior High School, (SHS).

Dr. Ndoum said every child will be encouraged to go to school.

He also promised to subsidise the Agriculture sector as America is doing.

PPP government according to him, will develop the Cashew industry.

“Provision of market and financial support to farmers” Dr. Nduom.

On the Energy sector, Dr. Nduom said PPP government will be transparent with Ghanaians.

Adding that a financing element will be put in place for efficient energy sector.

He said Ghana National Petroleum Company, (GNPC) will be headquartered in the western region “Oil and gas a concentration in western. Develop a Petrol chemical industry.”
“Ghanaians in the forefront of economic development”

He promised quality highway systems based on value for money.

On Sports the flagbearer of the PPP, said he will develop a ten year program to develop Olympic personalities.

Dr. Nduom who was in the Studio with his wife Yvonne and some party officials said domestic programs will not be negotiable.
He will create an avenue for discipline.

He promised to give women financial and technical support.

Adding that a PPP gov’t is committed to job creation.

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom before the program paid a glowing tribute to Mad. Eva Lokko, who was laid to rest at the Osu cemetery in Accra on Friday.

He said: “Eva Loko was special, very discipline. Sad she is gone but left a mark for the PPP.”

A minute silence was observed for her. Eva Lokko partnered Dr. Nduom as his running mate for the presidential elections in 2012.

The program which started with a brief history of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, was moderated by Abdul Hayi Moomen and Mrs. Selikem Acolatse Apaloo of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

The GBC/ Star Ghana One-On-One presidential encounter is supported by UKAID, DFID, DANIDA, and EUROPEAN UNION.

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