Political violence causes 4 deaths, 80 injuries

It has been revealed that between 2007 and now, four deaths have been recorded while 80 people have suffered varying degrees of injury through political violence in Sankore and other parts of Asunafo South in Bono-Ahafo.

The Executive Secretary of the Bono-Ahafo Regional Peace Council, Suallah Abdallah Quandah, who revealed this also said over 200 thousand Ghana Cedis, which could have gone into development has been expended on security.

The Regional Peace Council Executive Secretary was speaking at a forum organised by the Council as platform for Stakeholders in Sankore to agree draw on a road map that will help achieve lasting peace in the area.

The Bono-Ahafo Regional Peace Council, like all others, is mandated to develop a mechanism for conflict resolution and sustainable peace.

In line with this the Regional Peace Council has set its sights on working towards building lasting peace in Sankore, which seems to always be in the news for politically motivated violence.

The latest being attacks on some residents of Sankore, including the residence of the MP for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku.

In a bid to help develop a road map for political peace in Asunafo South, the Peace Council organised a forum for various stakeholders from the Sankore area.

In attendance were Representatives of the NDC and NPP, the Security Agencies, Religious Bodies, the NCCE and CHRAJ also well represented were Chiefs and others from Asunafo.

In a Presentation, the Executive Secretary of the Bono-Ahafo Regional Peace Council, Suallah Abdallah Quandah, said since 2007 political violence has exacted a heavy toll on Asunafo which all stakeholders must help reverse.

The Chief of Sankore, Ogyedom Appiah Kubi, for his part said the NDC MP for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku and his perennial opponent, former NPP MP, George Yaw Boakye, who many believe are the behind the never ending violence are not the culprits, but rather the heavily embittered youthful followers of the leading political parties in Asunafo.

He consequently called for moves to get those aggrieved youths to smoke the peace pipe if the violence is to end.

During an Open forum, the two top Politicians in the District, Eric Opoku and George Yaw Boakye got the chance to address the gathering.

Eric Opoku, MP for Asunafo South and former Regional Minister, expressed his dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Police and called for improved Policing since violence does not help any politician.

George Yaw Boakye, Former DCE and MP of the Area also said together with Eric Opoku, they have a lot to gain from a peaceful Sankore.

A Communique issued after the Forum, the Parties agreed to among others the establishment of Peace Committees in Communities, Political Leaders Publicly denouncing trouble makers from their Parties and Holding Political Parties accountable for acts carried out in their name.

Story by John Sam Arthur

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