Police must invite Prof. Martey for questioning – Vitus Azeem

Anti Corruption Campaigner, Vitus Adaboo Azeem has suggested to the security agencies to invite the immediate past Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Prof. Emmanuel Martey for questioning if he fails to mention names of his purported bribe givers.

He believes it behoves on the police to invite him for interrogation to put the case to bed.

He wondered why the Man of God refused to report the case to the police when the unnamed politicians attempted to give him bribe.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Mr. Azeem further challenged Prof.Martey to mention names of the bribe givers if he wants to maintain his integrity which is hanging in the air.

‘I think the first thing for him if he wants us to trust and believe in what he is saying, he needs to mention the names, even before that he should have gone to report to the appropriate authorities, because corruption is criminal, and so when somebody tries to bribe you, whether you accept it or not you are supposed to report to the appropriate authorities. If he fails to do that then I think the appropriate the law enforcement agencies would have a responsibility of inviting him for further questioning.

Well I think that I wouldn’t just say they should launch investigations but first they should invite him to provide such information which will then let them decide whether it’s worth investigating or not,’ he said.

Prof. Martey in a press conference on Tuesday disclosed that he almost unleashed his dogs on some unnamed politicians who attempted to bribe him with 100,000 dollars.

But the Former Public Relations Officer (PRO) Dr.Osei Acheampong has stated that the Man of God indeed took the bribe.

However, credible information reaching indicates that the bribe was given to him in a disguise as a birthday gift.

The Anti-graft Crusader said it’s ridiculous for the Man of God to believe such an amount was a mere birthday gift, saying he should have been on red alert.

Asked if he can be faulted for failing to report the case, he said ‘yes because what time, when was the bribe offered to him, why did he wait he was in position of being the head of a church, now that he is going out he finds it necessary to make this allegation, what is the motivation for that, why did he not raise it at the time or report to the appropriate authority that somebody has come to bribe him, why would somebody give you such amount if you have no business or family relationship, what should have been in his mind immediately the person made the offer’.

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