PNC jumps to Cecilia Dapaah’s defence; says her rights being violated

14th August 2023

The People’s National Convention say is “disheartening to see civil society organisations, the media and political parties” that are responsible for promoting, protecting, and upholding the rights of women, “turn to mistreat and judge them without providing any supporting evidence or even allowing them the chance to defend themselves when necessary”

In reference to the controversy surrounding the grand theft case at the private residence of the former minister of sanitation and water resources, Cecilia Dapaah, the PNC, in a statement signed by General Secretary Janet Nabla, said: “Despite our claims that there are state institutions in place to deal with situations of this sort, we pollute these institutions by believing rumours, which only serves to further alienate women from politics”.
“The so-called state institutions’ claim of fighting corruption only come into full gear when women are involved”, the party

“They throw stones at these women without giving them a fair hearing”, the PNC said.
It noted that such conduct “violates the Constitution of our country, which has mandated all people to experience natural justice” before they are judged.
The party said “Cecilia Dapaah is not the only woman in the country who experienced unfair treatment while serving in politics; others who equally were unfairly treated were Victoria Hamah, Dzifa Attivor, Betty Mould Iddrisu and many more”
“We hold workshops in an effort to increase the participation of women in politics yet we push the few we already have away when they are confronted with challenges”, the party noted.
It said the “violation of the provision of the Constitution that says we are all equal before the law and gender should not be a factor is what is happening in Cecilia Dapaah’s case”.
“Allow our Constitution to work by giving fair hearing to all persons. Innocent until proven guilty”, the party insisted.

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