PNC Flagbearer Outlines Vision For Nation’s Socio-Economic Development

The PNC says it will transform the fundamentals of the economy with special focus on three pillars if elected to form the next government.
The first pillar is dubbed new beginning where the public sector will be restructured to play a more relevant role in national development.

The second is new deal, where special emphasis will be placed on productive sectors of the economy such as cocoa, Shea, rihttp://ghanapoliticsonline.comce and many others.

The third which is termed new fire is where people aged between 18 to 35 will be empowered to lead the drive for change in the economy.

The flagbearer, Dr Edward Mahama outlined these at the IEA’s Evening encounter with flagbearers in Accra.

He said people who governed within the last twenty years should be blamed for the challenges facing the country.

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