PMB please let’s move forward

By Ebele Orakpo

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari should stop chasing shadows and concentrate on providing good governance and dividends of democracy to Nigerians as he promised,” said Mike, a commuter in the CMS-bound vehicle this Monday morning as the radio presenters talked about the huge amounts of money missing from Nigeria’s treasury.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

“What do you mean? The man is working hard, trying to bring all those who have stolen this nation blind to book. It seems you are among those that support corruption,” retorted Jide.

Said Mike: “Please take it easy bros. We are busy chasing rats while our house is collapsing. I am happy he is fighting corruption but truth be told, no be only dat we go chop. Everyday we are told how many billions and trillions are missing while every other thing is on hold. Haba! People are hungry for God’s sake!”

“So with what money will he provide dividends of democracy? There is no money right now, so he has to recover the funds in order provide those things we need,” replied Jide.

“No money indeed! You dey the purse? See the way you say it authoritatively. We just hear and parrot it as if we were there. So all the money they have been using to travel the globe, pay their salaries and allowances are from their personal businesses bah? A beg make I hear word!” retorted Mike.

“We are getting it all wrong. First things first! As long as the structure of this nation remains the way it is, we should forget about any positive change.

My advice is for them to restructure the country, implement the resolutions of the last national conference. If the system is not restructured, he will be wasting his time. It will be like pouring water on the rock,” counselled Uche.

“But supposing an enemy Army had invaded and plundered Nigeria, will PMB and his co-travellers leave what they should be doing and keep churning out one excuse after another? I think he should see it as such and seek for ways to rebuild Nigeria. After all, they are trying to rebuild all the destructions by Boko Haram.

Strengthening the institutions

No one is pursuing the terrorists to get back the things they stole. No matter what anyone says, this nation is still very rich. We have simply refused to think,” said Ken.

“You guys amaze me. So we should allow the thieves to go and enjoy their loot while we suffer?” asked Udo.

Replied Mike: “Far from it. Try and understand us. There are agencies meant to do all that; empower them, strengthen the institutions and things will work. Fight corruption by all means but not at the detriment of other sectors. Our economy is now comatose; go to the streets and hear people complaining bitterly.

Said John: “Thanks bro. Your head dey here. We must learn to think outside the box. The world is moving on and we are rooted on a spot. I couldn’t believe the guy budgeted N39.4 billion to search for oil in the north when the world is doing away with fossil fuel. Not only that, Dangote is spending billions of dollars to build the largest oil refinery in Africa at this time instead of investing in green energy.

Continuing, he said: “The US wants to sell off their oil before it becomes irrelevant because of a new discovery about Thorium, with atomic number 90. Scientists have discovered that a teaspoonful of thorium can power a vehicle for 100 years without any need to refuel and here we are still struggling to search for fossil fuel.”

“Exactly! PMB should look for smart people to help him. Instead of demonising the past administration, he should look for the things they did right and improve on them. He should allow the courts and the security agencies do their jobs and talk less. The excuses are becoming ridiculous. I expect the Agric minister, Audu Ogbeh, to leverage on former Agric minister, Adesina’s achievements in the sector and improve on it. We must diversify our economy. Fund researches to look at how to add value to our agric produce and solid minerals for export,” said Mike.

What do you think?

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