Plot Against Afoko: Bolga Bulldogs To Fire “Warning Shot” At Nana Addo…“No Fly Zone” In The North!

Leader of alleged NPP vigilante group, Bolgatanga Bulldogs, Contingent Commander Yussif Ayikambe is warning of dire consequences for the opposition party if the NPP hierarchy dare suspend the National Chairman, Mr. Paul Afoko.

According to him, any attempt to suspend Mr. Afoko will not inure to the benefit of the NPP in next year’s general elections saying “touch not my anointed, suspend Chairman Paul Afoko and forget about the three northern regions in 2016.”

The Bolga Bull Dogs also warned that they will obstruct the progress of Nana Addo’s scheduled ‘Rise and Build tour’ of the Northern region, should the party leadership not accede to their request.

If the NPP pursues Paul Afoko’s suspension, we will fire a warning shot to Nana Addo should he come to the North for his ‘Rise and Build tour’,” he stated on NEAT FM’s morning show Ghana Montie with Kwesi Aboagye .

The group, which is said to be the brain child of the embattled national chairman, was not happy at a purported letter signed by five members of the NPP Council of Elders which accused Mr. Paul Afoko of breaching the party’s constitution.

That letter subsequently recommended Mr. Afoko’s suspension as National Chairman till after the 2016 elections – but the Bolgatanga Bulldogs say that move could affect the chances of NPP, especially in the three northern parts of Ghana where Mr. Afoko is hugely popular and commands a lot of respect.

Commander Ayikambe quizzed the party leadership to pinpoint Mr. Afoko’s ills.

What has he done? So many people have acted wrongly in the party and nothing has been said. They should tell us what Chairman has done or we will give Nana Addo warning shot.

Ayikambe was quick to explain his ‘warning shot’ after host Kwasi Aboagye asked for clarification – “The warning shot is just a cliché here in the North…meaning when nana Addo come for his tour, we the homeboys will not follow him to campaign. The warning shot simply means we will not follow Nana Addo

No fly zone for the NPP in the north. That means the NPP cannot campaign in the North come 2016 if they suspend Chairman Afoko. We will use all the legal force at out means to obstruct the NPP,” he added.

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