Petition On Hon. Afenyo Markin Still Stands

We wish to, through this statement, establish, that, the petition brought before the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service on the Member of Parliament for Efutu, Hon. Afenyo Markin still stands.

As petitioners, we have not received any communication from the CID on the status of the petition brought before them in relation to a voice recording intercepted which is believed to contain the voice of the hon. Member of Parliament in which he admitted receiving some monies from the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) and was still in negotiations for additional funds to enable him play “legal gymnastics” on an injunction he sought to prohibit the bank from engaging in its Initial Public Offer (IPO) which he considered illegal.

We have noted with amusement, stories and publications including a publication in the Daily Graphic of Thursday 31st March, 2016 with reference to the petition sent to the CID by the three of us which sought to portray the hon. Member of Parliament as having been exonerated by a report purported to have been authored by the legal team of the Bank, and a subsequent apology from some supposed petitioners in the case.

We have taken judicious notice of various other interest groups which had petitioned other bodies in the case upon the revelations of the hon. Member of Parliament in the tape presented as basis for our petition.

While we welcome any additional weight on the petition, we wish to state that, we petitioned the police individually and not as a single group.

We wish to state emphatically, that, we the undersigned, had not petitioned the Agricultural Development Bank in this case and for that matter, could not have had a response from them to clear our petition. Our petition was sent to the CID with subsequent official statements.

We wish to allay the fears of the public, that, this case remains standing until the CID are done with their investigations.

We have not apologized to the hon. Member of Parliament for Efutu Alexander Afenyo Markin for accusing him wrongfully because we have no reason to do so while our petition had not been concluded.

In conclusion, we wish to urge the public to disregard stories and publications that sought to obfuscate the case and to blow dust into the eyes of the public.

While we wait on the CID to complete its investigations, we wish to state that, their delays in concluding on the investigations on this issue is creating room for people to make some of these unfortunate manouvers that are intended to conceal the truth from the public. We urge the CID to expedite action to complete their investigations and make the public aware of its findings.

Thank you.


Stephen Kwabena Attuh (0243718353)
Dzifa Gunu (024 437 8516)
Fred Adomako Williams (0242676508)

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