May Day is with us again. Traditionally, May Day celebrations in Ghana are marked with strikes, protests, rallies etc by our Organised Labour to demand reliefs and/or bring other grievances to the attention of the Government for redress.

The Labour front is the central hub around which the wheel of economic prosperity revolves. This therefore means that our workers deserves a better treatment from the Government of the day.

However, successive governments seem to have taken the Ghanaian worker for granted and the current two dominant political parties seem to have relegated pertinent National issues and workers demands especially on the revamping of the ailing Economy to the background as they continuously trade political insults at each other on matters that have no relevance to the advancement of the National Economy.

The governing party prides itself in a perennial talk about inflation reducing to the single digit and the march towards a better Ghana Agenda being on course while the other dominant Party is preaching another Golden Age of Business;the first of which died on arrival. The reality on the ground however, is that, the woes of the poor Ghanaian worker are increasing exponentially or greatly.

Local Entrepreneurship and business development continue to take the back seat since independence whiles foreigners have a field day siphoning our raw materials and dictating prices of the finished goods they sent back to us.

Moral and religious corruption in our social fabric, political intrigues, economic injustice and personal vices have all become the order of the day as we try to outwit and outdo each other in rather dubious and nefarious or notorious schemes we label as business transactions all in an effort to survive the economic crunch. In all this social and economic pandemonium the Ghanaian worker is the victim and seems to be under a sort of perpetual economic bondage.

Despite the challenges, the Ghanaian worker still possesses the key to its own economic salvation or breakthrough. We can only achieve that when the workers exhibit hard work and patriotism. It is said that punctuality is the soul of business;do workers of Ghana practice it religiously? How effective is the contribution of the eight hour daily work to the national economy by Ghanaian workers? Do our workers condone evil and unpatriotic practices harmful to the national economy by fellow workers and turn around to blame government? If workers are not able to answer these malpractices appropriately and to the benefit of Mother Ghana, then they are not performing their civic duty as law abiding citizens in our journey to economic prosperity.

An APC Government through our All Inclusive Governance concept would enable and compel institutions of government to work to bring back sanity and smiles into the society. It will be synergy in action where everyone who Comes on Board the All Inclusive Governance train has a role to play in the resuscitation of the national economy.

An APC Government with our down to earth Liberal socialist policies geared towards economic advancement would re-engineer and overhaul our stagnant economic system that would bring all the euphoric lovers of our dear Country back home and on board;for us to revamp our economy andvMarch forward to the Promised Land of economic prosperity.

The Ghanaian Labour front deserves a better deal and the Ghanaian worker would truly capture the commanding heights of the economy under an APC All Inclusive Government Structure. You do not need to raise your hands towards the skies in despair when the APC has established and mounted a platform for you to come on Board and move our dear Country forward.

We must understand that no single person as President of Ghana can perform a miracle to address our economic transformation unless we endorse the APC proposal of an ALL INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE CONCEPT.

We sincerely greet our gallant workers on this MAY DAY Celebration and assure them that the Next May Day celebration under an APC Government of Dr. Hassan Ayariga would bring new innovative changes to the Labour front by addressing Workers aspirations.

Ayekoo to all Ghanaian Workers
Long live workers solidarity
Long live Motherland Ghana
Long live APC


Dr. Hassan Ayariga
APC Founder and Leader

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