Ladies and gentlemen of the media good morning. On behalf of the All People’s Congress; APC, I sincerely welcome you to this press conference. We are grateful for honouring the invitation despite the short notice.

This week as you are all aware there is this disturbing revelation of a senseless secret proposed agreement being entered into by our government with the government of the United State of America. I believe you have as well as I did looked at the memo conveying the secret agreement to parliament and the subsequent proposed agreement leaked. First of all, let me commend those who leaked this deadly agreement for the attention of the public. They have lived up to their pledge to fight oppressor’s rule. Today myself and the APC join them to fight the oppressor’s rule.

I wish to emphatically state that we are completely opposed to the terms and conditions of this dictatorial sovereignty-breaching agreement which immures only to the benefit of the United States. It is a reckless agreement that outrightly sells our sovereignty to a foreign state and terrorists. Ghana stands to gain nothing from this obnoxious agreement all the time. A nation’s national interest determines the kind of international treaties it ratifies. In this case ladies and gentlemen, Ghana’s national interest is ignored for the national interest of the United States in Ghana’s sovereign territory. It is a complete absurdity. Let us look at the core of the agreement:

1. Military personnel and civilian personnel may enter and exit Ghana with United States Government-furnished identification (for military personnel, an identification card and collective movement or individual travel orders, and for civilian personnel, a passport and official orders).
Not even the president of Ghana can travel with an ID card to the US.
2. Ghana is granting unrestricted access to certain areas and facilities for US military purposes. They can make improvements or reconstruct these facilities/ areas without Ghana’s consent, (even in typical landlord-tenant relationships, the tenant cannot make improvements on the demised property without the consent in writing of the landlord);
3.They control access into these facilities/areas. This basically means those areas would become annexes or extension of the US territory in our sovereign nation
4.They will procure all their goods and services or equipment needed for their expansion using US laws and regulations. That means they are outside the reach of our procurement laws;
5. They will get unlimited access to our territorial waters. (This is alarming! Mind you we have our oil in the Continental Shelf too).
6. They will import and export at will. Whatever is imported cannot be inspected and need no license whatsoever. (Indeed, this means no matter how hazardous or unwholesome the imports are, the Ghana Standards Authority cannot question them); there will be no quality control of whatever they bring into the country, we must indeed trust the US.
7. They won’t pay taxes/import duties on all goods imported or services obtained;
8. They will use our radio spectrum for free; (Yes free. Remember how the NCA harassed Ghanaian radio stations over fees?)

Now what is the interests of Ghana in this agreement? Auctioning our sovereignty for some $20 million dollars which will evaporate soon through the mouths of the jackals in government who said they are driving Ghana beyond aid?. The clueless Minister of Defence has sought to put up a lame defence of his incompetent agreement with a bogus declaration that our forces will receive training from the US forces. I don’t blame him. He is a square peg placed in a round hole and this is what will happen to us. We are all aware of the dangerous repercussions of this kind of agreements with the United States.

What benefits will we have in having American military base in Ghana? Ask the Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos etc. They will cause wars and create enemies in the West Africa sub-region. They will even interfere in our governance. Those of you who have travelled to America, be honest to yourself, there is more freedom in Ghana than America. In my way of thinking, all super powers should start disarming and stop interfering in other people’s business. 90% of all problems in the world are created by America and her Allies. America has no permanent friends but permanent interests. The popular saying in the ’60s in Europe was “Yankees go home, they will date your mothers, date your fathers, date your brothers, date your sisters, and date your sons and daughters. They will force Ghana to adopt homosexuality in ten years as Ambassador Jackson has said.

Nana Addo thinks a U.S. military base necessarily means large inflows of U.S. aid for development. Take a good look at Djibouti! It hosts the U.S. base in the Horn of Africa. Guess who gets the largest chunk of U.S. aid in the Horn of Africa, in fact in the whole of Africa beside Egypt- it is Ethiopia! Ironically, it is also one of the largest recipients of Chinese money. Neither the Americans nor the Chinese have a base there. Ethiopia is very jealous of its sovereignty. It won’t allow a foreign power to build a base on its territory, although it is an important U.S. ally in the fight on terror. Our leaders must think strategically and stop nosing around for chicken change. Despite all his faults, Nkrumah gave Ghana an identity. Can Nana Akuffo Addo uphold it?

We are a country who almost plunge ourselves in chaos over elections. In 2012 the NPP in opposition accused the then NDC government of relying on Supertech Technologies Limited, STL, and accused them of manipulating election results during transmission. In 2016 our Electoral Commission’s system was hacked during the transmission of results. The NDC also accused the NPP of importing IT experts including Joe Anokye who now heads the National Communications Authority of being responsible for the hacking of the EC’s information technology system. With these suspicions, what sense is there in allowing the US free use of our radio spectrum and deploying their subversive information technology infrastructure in our capital? Should we be apprehensive that this move will grant this superpower the right to determine our elections by using their technology to manipulate our election systems in the future?

Name me any single successful US military intervention in history after WWII. Just one! They lost the Vietnam War themselves in the 1960s prior, they could not stop the September 11 Twin Tower disaster in New York in 2001 and have created a mess in Syria now. From the gulf war to Afghanistan to Libya, they have often left those nations in ruins. If any military presence is needed in West Africa, it is in the North of Nigeria where Boko Haram is killing civilians and kidnapping school girls; let the US military be bold enough to confront the Boko Haram head on by establishing a base in the South-East Nigeria.

Again from the Sahel to West Africa, only Senegal and Ghana have seen relative peace and the US now seeks to distabilize or invite us into this ideological war by establishing their base in these two nations. Why? Even Nigeria that is battling Boko Haram was able to oppose setting up US military base in their territory. What has come over Akuffo Addo? Is it the award given him by the US Congress for a questionable exemplary leadership or the myopic showering of praises on him by Robert Jackson? I need Prof. Kwame Boafo Arthur and his other foreign policy advisors to explain how this policy was formulated. I am so shocked reading the agreement. Ghana has agreed to basically cede part of its territory to the US beyond its diplomatic base at Cantonments.

We must note that America does not have permanent friends but only permanent interests. These Americans are dangerous. What is the basis of building military bases all over the world? We want money for One District One Factory (1D1F); we want money for agribusiness; we want money for aquaculture etc. These will bring jobs to our people. Military bases will lure terrorists to our shores to distabilize our country.

Anyone who is conversant with the escapades of the German military bases in Mali will attest to the fact that Mali is struggling with security. The terrorists being targeted in Lybia by the Germans have turned their anger against Mali for allowing Germany to set up its base in that country. Now who can measure what threat there is to our country if the US is allowed to carry out the same activity as the Germans are doing in Mali? Do we even know exactly what the US will be doing with the base, where their targets are and the nature of their targets? We will grope in darkness if this agreement is allowed to be ratified.

I am also afraid the exclusive control we are granting to these Yankees can allow them to detain terrorists on our shores without our permission. That is essentially setting up another Guantanamo bay in West Africa. We must think outside the box here. If ISIS knows its members are detained in Ghana what do you think will happen? If Al-Qaeda begins to pursue activities to free its members who may be detained on our shores who can determine the implications?

Similarly, we are worried the Americans will bring their civilians to work in the facilities they intend to operate. Is this not eye opening enough for this competent government? We are struggling to create jobs for our teeming youths in this country. Thousands of them who travelled to America to seek for ‘green pastures’ have been deported back to Ghana here to increase unemployment. In our folly can’t we arrange anything in this mess to benefit our unemployed citizens? If America cannot allow our civilians to work in their country why should we permit it here in Ghana? Are American citizens more important than Ghanaian citizens?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us scrutinize this very well. Recently our government has entered into an oil exploration agreement with an American Oil Company, ExxonMobil. Just a few months later this agreement is being forced through secretly. The free access to our territorial waters has a lot to do with oil. The presence of ExxonMobil in the mix is a suspicious development that must be watched carefully. We are mortgaging our natural resources inadvertently to clandestine forces to keep us in poverty. America’s first interest in most interventions is oil. Look at Libya, Iraq, and other Gulf states. The military base is being brought to first of all safe guard the operations of ExxonMobil when they begin exploring our oil. Let us not be fooled.

Ghana has lived in peace for 61 years without the intervention of Americans, no wars, no records of terror, no attacks and no wars with our neighbours. We don’t need the help of US to fight terror or war. We are a very peaceful people and we are capable of managing our security.

1. Ghana does not need the intervention of American troops to fight terror or wars, the crime rate in America is worse than any country in the world.
2. The intervention of American forces or bases in Ghana will expose our nation to international threats and terrorism.
3. It is the beginning of gays and lesbians in our schools, societies, churches and our communities and we must stop it by all means.
4. American military base or whatever they call it in Ghana will compromise our national security and our national sovereignty.
5. Ghana will be a transit of American security forces to engage in all fields of terror activities.
6. Americans deported over 1,000,000:00 Ghanaians over the years back to Ghana without considering its security implication to the deportees and Ghana, but today our security is of utmost importance to the American people? Mr president and Mr minister please come again with something better.
7. Ghanaians are denied visas to American and you Mr. minister thinks they have your country and people at heart? The only time you see America offering to do something for Africans is when they benefits more than you.

It is time we think as a nation to safeguard our sovereignty and national interest and security. This must not be politics as usual and our traditional hypocrisy. The NDC and the NPP confuse Ghanaians. When NDC brought the GITMO-2, NPP opposed it and later supported it and now they are here permanently. Now the NDC is against this agreement while the NPP is vehemently defending it. In principle I am totally against the intervention of US security forces in Ghana. The Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul have woefully failed to convince Ghanaians he is competent for our Ministry of Defense.

I am patiently waiting for the Civil Society Organizations, The Christian Council of Ghana, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference and other voices of conscience to speak against this sale of our sovereignty to foreigners and I hope they will do as they did in the past. This time we should not watch animals on TV, our national sovereignty is at stake! With this agreement we shall become 21st Century slaves. We must match to Parliament to protest and stop the ratification of this nonsense.

Our so called great men and women in power have sold out Ghana to Americans,
We have invited the Americans to re-colonized us, (neocolonialism). Mr. President you need to cancelled the celebration of our independence, because we have lost our rights and freedom, once again Danquah Busia tradition have sold out our sovereignty for nothing.
On this note I wish to thank you for your attention. May God bless our homeland Ghana and make us bold to defend forever the cause of freedom and of right…and help us to resist oppressor’s rule with all our will and might forever more.

Thank you.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga

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