We are barely a month away from the 2016 elections and my pastor preached a message that really pushed me to write abt what I intend writing on exactly a week to elections today.

It’s about our role as individuals to ensure Ghana remain peaceful before, during and after the elections.

Ghana is a nation made up of 10 regions and every region contribute something to the general good of the nation. Some provide water bodies that help us generate electricity and promote fishing as well us aid the nice climate we enjoy. Others provide minerals which aid us earn money, some provide us good lands for farming to feed citizens, others provide us with the human resource needed for productivity and the list can go on and on and on.

This should tell us that we depend on each other to get our beloved nation running and must not allow politicians to deceive us to engage in any form of violence because they need power. It is the more reason why we must all stand up against politicians who tell us that region A is important than region B because it has resources the politician deem important than that of region B hence nobody from region B should be allowed to lead us. We must together make such politicians realize we value the interdependency we enjoy as a nation and not ready to sacrifice that for any individual’s selfish interest. A peaceful Ghana will ensure we make the best out of our resources.

I feel sad whenever I hear politicians preach chaos. We have a role to play as individuals by ensuring we make politicians who preach “ALL DIE BE DIE” realize some deaths are worthless deaths and we don’t wish to see such worthless deaths in our nation. Why do these politicians who tell us that ALL DIE BE DIE seek treatment in big hospitals within and outside Ghana when they are sick instead of staying in their rooms and watch the sickness kill them if they really and truly believe that ALL DIE BE DIE???

We must not wait to see the value of the peace we enjoy in Ghana today only after we lose it because of the bad influence of some politicians.

Take a critical look at groups like “the invisible forces, Azorka boys, Bolgatanga bull dogs, etc” and tell me if you will see the relative of any politician who is a member. Why must they come to you and I to tell us to undertake tasks they believe their relatives must not undertake???

We need peace before, during and after the elections and we must resist any politician who tries to encourage us to plunge this nation into chaos.

Catch you on the flip side, folks.


What do you think?

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