Paul Afoko to retire from politics by 2021

Businessman and politician Paul Awemtami Afoko has hinted that he will be retiring from active politics by 2021.

“Five years from now, I see myself as having decided that it is time to take a break, a permanent break but not dying. Taking a break from almost all activities because my children are of age and I just hope and pray they will follow in my steps so that it can reduce my burden”

Mr. Afoko who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, told Naa Klordey Odonkor on the Ultimate Brunch and Lunch that it will also offer him the opportunity to enjoy his retirement and offer good counsel to the younger ones.

According to him, the onus now lies on his children to take up the mantle and execute the race faster and perfectly than he did in order to chalk more successes and laurels.

To this end, he called on Ghanaians to eschew violence ahead of the December 7 polls to protect the democratic credentials of the country.

“I want Ghanaians to be at peace with them and keep on trusting the Lord. If we are united, together we should be able to move the frontiers of the nation forward, we have one country and we should all be happy working for this dear nation, even if you are not working for money, we should work to make sure that our children and children’s children will have a better future,’ he advised.

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