Some pastors wish me dead – Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said some men of God in Ghana wish him dead so they can steal his glory.

The founder of Action Chapel International told his congregation in Accra on Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 that the pastors who wish him dead are driven by envy and jealousy.

“One of the problems of this country is envy; it’s one of the killers of Ghanaians. We have a problem of envy. We are not like the Nigerians. When a Ghanaian sees you doing well, instead of them to celebrate you, they’ll find ways to kill you, so they will take your glory.

“Everybody has tried to kill me. There are men of God who are waiting for the day of my demise, so they will take my glory. You don’t know what I know. I know a lot. There are people who are scheming to take my members from me and give me a church empty, so their churches will be bigger than me – outshine me.

“They me call me ‘Papa, Papa’ but their heart is not with me.

“They want to overtake me and outshine me and make me a failure and a disappointment and a reproach, to prove a point, but that will never happen because they did not call me, I said they did not call me, they did not anoint me, the opposite will occur, it will be overturned…” he said.

He said some of the pastors wishing him dead were people he relentlessly held intercessions for, spiritually, toward their growth in Christianity, but the same people have now targeted him for destruction.

“If you know the fight and the battles I go through to stand in the gap for this nation, there are people, if it wasn’t for my ministry and my prayer ministry, they won’t even be in ministry and yet they wish that something went wrong with me, and it’s because of envy.

“There are people doing ministry not because God called them; it’s because they are driven by envy to compete with me, to prove to me they can be better than me. …Don’t be fooled by people, who prophesy and it’s come to pass, or people, who even work miracles and healings, because the Bible says on that day we’ll say: ‘We prophesied in your name, we cast out demons in your name, we healed the sick in your name’, and Jesus will say: ‘I don’t know you, workers of iniquity, get out!’ They’ll say: ‘Ah, but we got all these results in your name!’, and he’ll say: ‘I don’t know you’. Why? Because you were driven by envy, because your motive was wrong,” Archbishop Duncan-Williams, who has been in ministry for four decades, said.

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