Parliament Cannot be Trusted to Investigate Ayariga’s Allegation

I have read a letter signed by Hons Ayariga, Ablakwa and Suhuyini requesting the Speaker of Parliament to institute parliamentary probe into the alleged bribery scandal.

I am not in support of any parliamentary probe. Parliament cannot be trusted to do any thorough investigation. Parliament, through its Public Affairs Directorate, has emphatically and categorically denied the bribery allegation. In fact, the Public Affairs Directorate was emphatic that the bribery incident never happened.

Why would anybody trust an institution that has denied the allegation to conduct investigation into the same allegation and come out with a different result? Parliament has already prejudice the outcome of any investigation to be conducted by any committee constituted by the speaker to probe the allegation.

If we are interested in knowing the real truth, parliament must not be allowed to investigate this bribery allegation. What has happened, and giving parliament’s own position on the matter, makes it an issue beyond parliament.

I am fully aware that parliament, as an arm of government, is independent and operate with it’s own rules. But the law allows for check and balances for which reason acts of parliament are sometimes reviewed by the judiciary.

In our legal framework, it is trite knowledge that whenever a judge is somehow linked to a case before him/her, that person steps aside. That is exactly what Parliament must do. The speaker must refer the matter to another organ, certainly not the executive, to investigate.

Anything short of this is a sham. Anything short of this is window dressing. Anything short of this will amount to throwing dust into eyes of Ghanaians.

By Amos Blessing Amorse/

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Ayariga, others petition Speaker to probe bribery scandal