Parents must instill discipline in their children – 2nd Lady

Second Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, has charged all women particularly mothers to instil in their children and dependents strong regard for ethics and morality to help drive the country towards greater heights and prosperity.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur was speaking at the climax of a 3-day conference held for women christened: Women of Virtue Conference held under the theme: “Virtues that Sustain Family & Build Nation” organised by CAPP Outreach Ministries in Accra.

The conference which began last Thursday, January 21 and ended on Saturday, January 21, saw some women from all parts of the country gather to reflect on teachings by resources persons and fellowship with each other.

In an address as the special guest of honour, the Second Lady, said that Christians have a responsibility to move Ghana forward by their actions but sadly they [Christians] have done less for God and country hence God disappointment in them.

“When Christians do what the Lord commands, not only will their families thrive but their societies and country as well,” she said.

She indicated that the older generation [those above 60 years] have failed in their quest to better their societies and the country as whole adding that if parents under this category had trained their wards well, things would have been better.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur admitted that women are placed in a very difficult position by roles and career but insisted that women should find ways to imbibe strict moral standards and high regard for ethics in their children to ensure that they move Ghana beyond what she is now.

“Our children when brought up well will right the wrongs the current older generation have committed,” she said.

Senior Assistant Professor of Ashesi University College, Dr. Enyonam Kudonoo, who was also a speaker at the conference in her presentation explained that a virtuous woman is one of resolution; principled, God-fearing and industrious stressing that it is not based on beauty.

She urged women to be discreet and not become talkative while building for tomorrow.

Dr. opined disclosed that corrupt persons mostly come from homes where mothers have shirked their responsibilities.

Founder and Leader of CAPP Outreach Ministries, Rev. Dr. Alex Kweku Nkrumah, in an interview with the media explained that rationale behind the conference was to educate women on the effects that their actions and inactions can cause their families and the nation as a whole.

He explained that it was wrong for a mother call her ward foolish or liken any part of their bodies to an inappropriate object.

“Children will grow with some of these words in mind and eventually become what the words imply.”

…You could chide your ward not to act like a foolish person instead of calling him or her foolish,” he advised.

Some of the participants in an interview with the media expressed their gladness for being part of the conference and promised to let the impartation reflect in their families and personal lives.

Capp Outreach Missions was founded in 2003 out of a desire to impact ordinary lives into greater heights.

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