Pampering Of Some Workers In This Country Must Stop

Without sounding sarcastic and undermining the contribution of our teachers, the way things are going in this country, soon madmen, will demand that we pay them allowances for confining them.

The reason for the introduction of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP), was to consolidate salaries and allowances of workers, as well as eliminate the disparities that have existed over the years.

The Pay Policy alone takes the chunk of government revenue for which reason virtually every major development undertaken in this country, must be through loan.

Teachers in Ghana are threatening to embark on another senseless strike, among the reasons stated for the intended action slated for February 29, was car maintenance allowance.

Which serious country, will give away over 70 percent of its revenue or Gross Domestic Product as salary and still make provision to pay workers, Vehicle maintenance allowance?

What forms the criteria for the payment of this allowance, does it include those who do not have cars or it is based on rank or position?

If doctors are given this allowance, it can be justified because they are often called back to work to attend to emergencies, even when they are off duty. What emergency could warrant the calling of teachers back to school, when students have closed?

If nurses, do not enjoy this allowance, very soon, they would also see the need to ask for it. Some groups of workers are pampered in this country for far too long.

We recognize the fact that, any country that do not take good care of its teachers, is doom to the failure, but so do we believe that, we must cut our coat according to our size.

There are so many competing needs for the little that is left after paying salaries, any allowance that do not make sense in this 21st century economy should be scrapped.

You never hear teachers threatening to go on strike, when they lack teaching and learning materials, so their students do not matter to them, yet they are holding all of us to ransom, for Vehicle Maintenance Allowance?

What do you think?

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