Owusu Bempah’s prophecy on US election fails badly (Video)

Prophets Dennis Whole Asante and Owusu Bempah have become very popular in recent time for their consistent election predictions and prophecies.

While Dennis Whole Prophesy in the favour of John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress based on the revelations from God, Owusu Bempah’s goes in favour of the New Patroitic Party’s candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

Many days before the US presidential elections, these two Ghanaian prophets have released prophecies in favour different candidates.

Prophet Dennis has on several platofrms predicted a one time win in favour of Donald Trump while Prophet Owusu Bempah predicted a big win for the the female candidate, Hillary Clinton on a private Television station in Ghana.

According to Prophet Dennis Whole, during one of his departures from Ghana to his Kenya base, he was with a prominent Ghanaian leader at the Kotoka International Airport and while watching Television together (BBC News Trump and Hillary Been Discussed), the person (name Withheld) asked him who will win the elections and he replid that, God has chosen Trump and he will win with big margin.

“Per what I saw as a Prophet, there have been a target of the outgoing President Obama’s administration to impose a policy that will not let the election come on. Many people are seeing Donald Trump as a loose talk, womanizer who doesn’t respect women and calls them dogs and pigs and there have been lots of brouhaha about his attitude but what I have known is God doesn’t choose man to a position based on merits or by what people say, but God choose by His Own Wisdom and knowledge.”

He continued,

“I just told him that if only there will be an election then Donald Trump will become the winner and not Hilary Clinton and I said there is no way Hillary can become the President of America. I have said it on other platforms that there will be a shock in the US because Trump will be a Surprise and Hillary will be a shock. Look God made me to understand that Trump will become a victorious winner.”

Prophet Owusu Bempah on his side had an exclusive interview with Paul Otchere, host of Metro TV’s most watched program ‘Good Evening Ghana’ and he predicted a win for Hillary Clinton.

“The lady will win the election. I see in the spiritual realm that the lady is holding in her hands the national flag of America during one of my preachings in church.”

Owusu Bempah even cautioned that, if Hillary isn’t careful, Trump might use violence to claim the win.

Now it is evident that Prophet Dennis Whole prophecy on Trump’s on time one win is true as Donald Trump of the Republican has emerged as the winner.

Trump won the presidency with a huge margin, pulling a total of 276 electoral colleges with 58,844,024 votes while Hillary Clinton attracted 218 electoral colleges with 58,879,610 votes.

“God chose Trump to Santize America because Christians were going to be strongly oppressed and there is a lot more God must do in that country.”

“Many economic strategies and nations shall be afraid for Trump’s elections but what they think will crumple will not be so.”

On Ghana’s December 7th, election, Prophet Dennis has maintained his stand that John Mahama will win the election with a big martin just as in the case of Trump.

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