Over 100,000 people have HIV, unaware and are spreading it – Ghana AIDS Commission

2nd August 2023

Commission has revealed that over 100,000 persons in the country are HIV carriers.

According to the Director General of the Commission, Dr Kyeremeh Atuahene, the HIV carriers are unaware of their status and are spreading it.

He made the revelations in an interview with JoyNews after announcing the HIV figures at a news conference in Accra.

“More than 28% of people living with HIV still do not know their HIV status because they have not tested. That represents about 100,000 people. They are spreading it unknowingly and that is not the best,” he said.

According to him, there is a need for everyone to know their HIV status.

This, he explained is because it could help in treatment success rate.

“If you wait till you get AIDS before you go to the hospital, it will take a much longer time for you to recover in terms of boosting your immune system for it to regenerate and support your body, it takes a longer time,” he said.

Dr Atuahene noted that the Commission has mounted an aggressive search for the over 100,000 persons with HIV to bring them under treatment.

This, according to him, is the reason for the launch of the HIV self-test campaign.

“There are people who are under-served when it comes to HIV services. Some are hard to reach and they may not have the opportunity to get any of the services so bringing the services to their doorstep will enable those who fear to know their status to at least start the process by testing to see whether they are reactive or not.”


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