Otabil preaches doom when NDC is in power – Fifi Kwetey

Minister of Transport, Fifi Kwetey, has accused the Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church, Dr Mensah Otabil, of bias towards the NPP.

According to Kwetey, the popular motivational speaker preaches of hope and optimism when the main opposition New Patriotic Party is in power but changes his message to that of doom and despair when the NDC assumes power.

He was speaking on Accra-based Radio Gold.

Kwetey said: “Before the 2000 elections, virtually no day passed without Mensa Otabil talking about the leadership of Ghana being the problem and the need for a change in leadership.

“Suddenly, NPP comes into power and the narrative of Mensah Otabil changed; now it’s no more a leadership problem but the problem became the people of Ghana.

“So NPP comes into office and suddenly we have angels governing Ghana. So the message changed because some party was in power and as soon as the party goes, the problem then came back to the leadership.”

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