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One Month One Scandal (1M1S) Government

A policy think tank, We The People Matter Movement , has decried the level of scandals bedeviling this

In a short and concise statement copied this newspaper, the WTPMM, said “ This is 1M1S government
and not 1D1F”
It continued that “Who builds factories when there is no constant electricity to power the factories, only a
‘competent’ government like Nana Addo and the NPP would do this”
The Movement was not happy about the president’s penchant to rename strategic institutions, he came to
meet, this was clear in the statement.

We published below an abridged version of the statement.

Instead of tackling PDS scandal, poor roads, poor security, high unemployment rates, higher food prices
and other unbearable issues in the country, they are on a renaming spree.

They should rename all the public universities in Ghana after Busia. In fact, they can even rename all the
secondary schools after Busia.

It will never change the fact that this government is very incompetent and extremely corrupt, to say the
The worst government in the history of Ghana. 1 month 1 scandal government (1M-1S)

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