Greetings Mr President,

This open letter is necessitated by current developments in the country. Mr President, the issues are very dear to the hearts of Ghanaians so I like to assume your permission to pay you the courtesy of being open and blunt. In my last letter to my President, i quoted van den Haag and for the purposes of this letter, let me once again quote the famous writer “For a citizen to regard his government as legitimate is to grant it the authority to govern, and thereby, to accept his obligation to obey its laws- the instrumentalities through which it governs- as superseding the will and conscience of individual citizens, including his own”. It has become necessary to repeat this quote because of activities of the vigilante groups operating as agents and operatives of your government and party. Before i tackle the main issue, let me point out few disturbing issues. The economy has remained stagnated, the press and dissenting voices are being pressed by the tyrannical activities of your government and its agents, job losses have hit unprecedented level and your government has so far done little or nothing to improve the lives of Ghanaians. The wanton beating and display of impunity, ethnic and partisan divisions, suppression of ordinary citizens by your government and its agents, corruption and nepotism, arrogance and pride threaten the survival of our nascent democracy. Instead of your government to saddle itself with transformational services to the citizens, all we have seen since January 7, are threats, outright intimidation, brutalities being meted out to citizens by your vigilante groups, massive corruption at the presidency and the violation of our rights from a government headed by an astute human right lawyer. Your government has made several attempts to clamp down on citizens for airing their views on radio and on social media. Appiah Stadium was made to kneel before your pastor, Rev Owusu Bempah, Madam Busia and some security personnel to retract and apologize for speaking against actions by your administration, radio stations perceived as being pro-NDC have been closed down by the NCA. Free speech has now become a scarce commodity because your government has redefined democracy, one that tilts towards dictatorship.

Mr President, i don’t think your powerful political speeches and vague warnings would magically address the institutionalized grave injustice in the country which escalates every day with your appointees open display of tribal bigotry, divisive statements, vindictiveness, raw hatred for political opponents and the criminal disregard for the same constitution you swore to protect.

Mr President, the vigilante issue is needs serious attention and must be addressed the same way you tackling the “galamsey” menace. It is more deadlier compared to the galamsey menace. Activities of these hoodlums operating under the guise of vigilante groups is criminally offensive, dangerous and hopelessly disappointing. So far you’ve not made any assurance towards calming frayed nerves considering the mood of the country. All we hear from Mr President are his usual political speeches, promises and empty warnings. These hoodlums continue to dare our leaders, beat citizens, security personnel, assemblymen, teachers etc without being apprehended.

Mr President, the unity of Ghana is non-negotiable. Activities of your vigilante groups and utterances by some stalwarts of your party, your ambassadors and appointees have given Ghanaians the election 2020 picture and expectations

It is surprising and unfortunate that our supposed leaders of thought, NGOs, opinion shapers and CSOs have all refused to hold your government accountable even as citizens rights are continuously being trampled upon by your hoodlums and agents.

Mr President, what happened to late Major Mahama was enough and clearest a message that the peace we have enjoyed for decades, is under threat. If you fail to address this vigilante menace, we shall see ugly scenes and serious clashes in the 2020 election and may end abruptly the fourth Republican dispensation. The various political parties will not sit idle for your vigilante groups to intimidate them at the polling stations and the possible outcome of serious clashes is clearly written on our political walls. Soon Ghanaians will stop complaining and move to the next level, which is self protection and determination. At that point, we may be saying bye to corporate Ghana.

Mr President, i do believe that there would be serious political consequences for your failure to act decisively on this vigilante phenomenon, and it will surely reflect in the 2020 election.

Mr President, your rep in South Africa, Mr Ayisi Boateng recently made a reckless and divisive comment which was vehemently condemned by Ghanaians. The derisive opening lines in his speech lent more credence to an established fact that your government is made up of arrogant victims of “a Messiah complex” who see section of the population ,not as Ghanaians, but as less mortals and slaves. I am not going to direct you as to how to handle the matter. But senior, the case of Victor Owusu (ewes are inward looking people) is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians and he will still pay dearly for that reckless comment if he wakes (resurrects) from his grave and bounce back onto the political arena. Your appointees must be made to know that we [Ghanaians] feed them, we are their employers and shall remain their bosses.
Thank you…

Citizen Ohenenana Krow..

What do you think?


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