Obiba Sly Collins in love, sings for a loved one

Obiba Sly Collins in love, sings for a loved one
By Kafui Gale-Zoyiku
When Obiba Sly Collins, one of Ghana’s finest highlife musicians, released the first single Opono ben from his forthcoming 13-track CD album a couple of weeks ago, he announced that the forthcoming album will showcase his versatility as a musician who cannot be pigeonholed or categorised.

That single which turned out to be controversial brought his musical skills and the ability to speak to the issues without mincing words brough him closer to many music lovers as he took a swipe at the false prophets and politicians who on a daily basis keep deceiving their followers.

True to his word he has released a second single, Don’t tell me from the forthcoming album which he has titled ‘Reality’ showcasing him doing a lovers’ rock.
Apparently targeting the youth and the young at heart, the musician featured the up and coming dancehall act, Kamelyeon doing the toasting in Ewe, an Obiba trademark of featuring other language speakers singing part of his song in their native language outside Twi which he is perfect in. He has featured Sherifat Gunu, and now Kamelyeon. In earlier productions he featured Yoruba and Ibo singers.

The track which also has another Obiba Sly Collins trademark is that it was recorded live unlike many current productions which featured programmed instruments.
‘Don’t Tell Me,’ you love me but you must show it by example he sang in English as the dancehall act translated it into Ewe with some adlibs making the sound very funky and uptempo creating a very danceable groove.

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As he asks, it is not the many certificates that matter but true love and if you are really in love with me show it … you are my precious stone, don’t tell me, show it; as Kamelyon sang in Ewe it is your love I want and all that you want will be given to you.
Speaking exclusively to The General Telegraph he said this song can also be for the politicians who must be telling their followers that if you believe in our cause, then you must come out to vote, not shouting slogans, he revealed

In all, Sly Collins’ consistency as a versatile musician at home singing different genres of music, be it highlife in English or Twi, meditational gospel songs or reggae shows through beautifully in Don’t Tell me.
The self-produced single will be another interesting song on the airwaves as one can hear it being played especially during the mid-morning and late afternoon programmes.
The song is available

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