Obiba Sly Collins asks: Opono ben ?

Two sets of Ghanaian citizens – pastors and politicians – have come under intense scrutiny in the past few months for their lifestyles, prophecies, predictions and pronouncements.

Their activities have not escaped the watchful eyes and ears of one of Ghana’s finest highlife musicians, Obiba Sly Collins who is asking these myriads of prophets and politicians whether what we are listening to is what God has really placed on their hearts to tell us is the question he has asked in a new single Opono ben from his forthcoming 13-track yet to be titled album.

Specifically he is asking the pastors for example if they are really God’s men and women because he cannot understand why majority of them are so bent on showcasing their earthly material acquisitions while many in the church are finding it difficult to take care of the basic necessities of life.

He asks of the politicians why they cannot offer sound advise to their opponents but instead undermine them. To him it will be better if the opposition supports government with the good pieces of advise they have instead of waiting till the last days and use these failures on the part of government as a propaganda tool.

Obiba Sly also reminds those seeking parliamentary positions that they should start doing the right thing now not when it is election time and they need votes before doling out cash to the

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