We have observed with eagle eye and keen interest the ongoing appointments by H.E Nana Addo and the NPP government to move Ghana to the promised land. In view of this, the Concerned Nzema Youth for Development wish to humbly bring to the attention of the father of the land and the leadership of the NPP to as a matter of urgency consider the whole process with particular focus on the Nzemas and Western Region as a whole.

We have, as a people witnessed the numerous projects, developments, initiatives and interventions that the people of Nzema and the whole of the region accrued following the appointments of Hon from Buah Ellembelle constituency, and Dr Sipa Yankey as Minister of Energy and CEO of Ghana Gas Company respectively, Augustine Peter Blay chief of Defense staff from Jomoro constituency, Ambassador Lee Ocran board chairman of VRA from Jomoro constituency. They have done their best to take us a step forward and the current government cannot disappoint us for any reasons. Their appointments under the previous government went a long way to contribute significantly to the progress of their people, hence a step in the same direction would not be out of place.

We are not pushing for this with the sole aim of equalising the NDC in terms of appointments. Indeed, the political benefits that the NPP stand to derive when vital appointments in the energy and mineral sectors are made when the Nzemas are considered cannot be ruled out. To buttress this point, the NDC lost the Jomoro and Evalue Gwira seats to the NPP following their failure to deal with the plight of the people, not to mention the keen and unprecedented race for the Ellembelle seat as well.

We are of the view that, with these appointments, the grassroot support would be enhanced and be well positioned to boost the party’s victory in future elections. It is in the interest of the party to do what is right in order not to suffer the fate of the NDC in the just ended elections.

Mindful of this history, we cannot continue to suffer again under this new government when in fact, we control most of the resources of the land, and equally have the men with the expertise to occupy very key positions to bring about the needed development.
The people of Nzema have suffered for far too long and continue to lag behind in terms of development and we strongly believe that the time for us to push for a fair share of the national cake in relations to appointments is now or never.

This move has become necessary following the allegations that the NPP is an anti Nzema party. A claim that is premised on the overthrow of Osagyefo Dr KWAME Nkrumah. Such a sensitive issue which became very topical in the build up to elections 2016 cannot just be swept under the carpet especially when the then President Mahama reechoed it during his campaign tour of the Western Region. The NPP did vigorously refute the allegations by word and we believe the time to use actions to back its position is now.

We are per this release, not only asking for vital and sensitive appointments on the grounds of the resources we control, but more urgently, expedite action on the various developmental projects earmarked to take place within the Nzema enclaves so as to bring about significant change in the lives of the inhabitants.
Conscious of the fact that, no meaningful development can take place within an area when its indigenes have no power, we see this call as a relevant and timely one.

We believe strongly that we can no longer use elections as a tool to fight for developments which we ordinarily deserve. Therefore, we implore that the right things are done now to forestall any apathy in elections 2020 and beyond.

The association is not asking for too much but would appreciate it if the following specific demands and others are met:

1. Commencement of work on the Atuabo free port project
2. Deputy minister for Energy should come from Western Region and specifically an Nzema
3. The Ghana Gas Company should be headed by a Westerner and for that matter an Nzema.

It is our fervent prayer that this request would be accorded the urgency and importance that it deserves as we all collectively strive to build a better and prosperous nation for ourselves.

Thank you!

Long Live Ghana
Long Live Western Region
Long Live Nzemaland


Ishmael Arvo Miezah, Convenor (0543250281/0270463356)

Nicodemus Nyamkeh, Secretary

George Ackah, Organizer

Francis Cudjoe, Treasurer

Joshua Buah, Deputy Organizer

Ayuba Musah, Deputy Treasurer

Sulleymah Gabon, Deputy Secretary

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