Nurses Calling for My Dismissal Are Ignorant – Health Minister

The Minister of Health Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu has described as ignorant Nurses Calling for his sack as a Minister of Health.

The Minister said this in response to a press statement and demonstration organised by a number of disgruntled Nurses who said they are frustrated at the feetdragging attitude of the Minister about their posting.

The disgruntled Nurses, following an initial consultation with the Minister expected that they would be posted to their various stations of work so that they can start working and earning a living. But they said they were disappointed at the hide and seek attitude of the Minister which has led to most of them being penniless and without places to lay their heads.

They therefore issued a statement called for their immediate posting and the removal of the Minister describing the Minister in very unsavoury terms, they also claim he “is not a man of his word and is also exhibiting gross incompetence at his ministry.”
This description have attracted an equally scathing response from a livid Minister who could not understand why the Nurse could not respect his office and “mind their language”. He reminded the Nurses that if they carried of such attacked he would do worse than call them ignorant.
It is clear that this back and forth between the Minister and Nurses is yet to peak.

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