NPP’s violence has cowered the media and clergy into silence – Portuphy (Video)

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Mr Kofi Portuphy has accused the media and clergy for remaining silent in the face of attacks against members of the NDC in the aftermath of the 2016 elections and the inauguration of President Akufo-Addo.

Mr Portuphy at a press conference on Thursday at the party’s headquarters said the violent nature of the Invisible Forces, a vigilante group associated with the NPP had cowered the media and men of God in the country into silence.

He said but for the intervention of the leadership of the party who have impressed upon their members to defend themselves only and desist from reprisal attacks, there would have been chaos in the country.

Mr Portuphy said, “I am shocked, many of you in the media have been cowered down by these acts. When our people were attacked in Koforidua, shops were burning, media houses were invited but they refused to cover. Many media men see these things happen but they don’t report it.”

“We know you are cowered down but you see, if you do this history won’t forgive you young men and women of the press. Your forbearers fought for the freedom that we enjoy today. You must hold that torch and don’t come looking for reprisal attacks statements for me. This press conference is to wake some of you up, who are refusing to report the truth”.

He added that there are men of God in the country who have been praising the evil acts that have been visited on members of the NDC in the aftermath of the elections.

“There are men of God, I said there are men of God, I did not say all of them. There are men of God who keep praising evil”.

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