NPP’s Campaign Strategy Meeting At Koforidua Leaks has chanced on a very appalling leaked document from the camp of opposition party, NPP, detailing how they want to use dubious ways to win the heart of Ghanaians in the Eastern region.

The meeting, according to the leaked document, was led by the minority caucus, regional chairman, and other party executive.

The document which is titled ‘Campaign Strategy for 2016’ touches on how the NPP plan to use ‘macho’ men and lies to win votes as well as create tension in the country.

Below is the full document:

_HELD ON SAT. 21ST – MON. 23RD MAY 2016._


1. We are no more running campaign on big rallies like previous campaign, but now running Retail campaign to reach the electorates personally at.
**House to House
**Bed to Bed
**Church to Church
**Market to Market
**Station to Station
**Streets to street
**Hot spots specially at rural areas
**Colleges of Education and Nursing
1. Polling station Exec, 5
2. 15 volunteers
3. 20 executives at each p/s.
4. V16 members
5. all the Non Exec groups in various Constituency eg.
NAFOP and other fun clubs
6. Assemblymen and E/A coordinators
1. To identify all the stakeholders, chiefs in their Electoral Areas
2. To identify their problems to review our campaign message and strategies in order to meet their demand
3. To give them strong promises to vote NPP into power
4. To monitor NDC operations and operators in the communities.
5. To identify hotspots and flashpoints to review our campaign message
6. We Should adopt vote buying system at rural areas seriously


1. All the constituency should have 20 strong men (Macho) including Ex- service men for our security since we can’t rely on “John Mahama” police.
2. There should be 10 strong men (Macho) including Ex-service men at each polling station to protect our electorate and ballots.
3. We should adopt 5 lawyers at each constituency to defend our people and deal with any other related legal issues.
4. We should be able to link with some of the security personnel for information and for rapid response

*1. Utility Bills*
This is expected not to change before elections and affordability has become a grassroot issue.
We must therefore intensify campaign on utility bills (Electricity and water).
We should let Ghanaians to understand that, NDC has deliberately increase these bills to generate money for their party otherwise they can reduce the bills.
We should Continue to campaign seriously on training colleges allowance abolished by NDC government. We should let the student to understand that, NDC gov’t deliberately abolished this allowance to generate money for their party to make campaign.
We should identify some of the lecturers in the various school colleges to champion this operation for us which will be more effective and efficient.
We should let Ghanaians to understand that, NDC gov’t has increase taxes by over 300% to generate money for their party and create hardship.
We should make comparison of fuel price at 2008 (GHS 3.5) to the current price of fuel.
GNPC generate money from this fuel increment to sponsor NDC party.
NDC gov’t has signed an agreement with IMF to increase utilize bills, fuel prices, taxes and abolish employment. Let us emphasize that an NPP team will free Ghana from IMF hardships by making reference to Dr Bawumiah and other Economic gurus in the Party.
We should make sure to tag the NDC gov’t every week on corrupt practice at various gov’t agencies. We should let Ghanaians to understand that, NDC gov’t is directly behind all these corrupt practice by creating, looting, and sharing. All corruption incidences must be put at the doorstep of John Mahama.
We should expose their party members such as appointees, party executive and members wealth to voters to expose their selfishness, and that they are holding on to power to protect their stollen wealth .


We should let Ghanaian to understand that, NDC is using *five (5) billion Dollars from the Eurobond* for every constituency which is very huge amount that can be used to develop their Constituencies and Communities in so many ways.
We should let people know the huge amount NDC using for their campaign eg 5 billion dollars each constituency: and 5x 275 is huge money plus other expenses while this money can be used to reduce the utility bills, fuel prices, taxes, and develop our country a lot. We should pump these messages into the electorate to vote them out of power.

We should let the electorate to understand that, NDC is performing a lot of rituals on their money, T-Shirts, logistics etc to harm them for their votes.
Therefore the electorate should resist all those things.
We should also relate all the disasters in the country to NDC rituals which will triger the electorates to vote them out.
Campaign operators in the various Constituencies and polling stations should be trained to carry these strong messages especially in the NDC strongholds.

Adopt 2 polling Agents, one external and one local member at each polling station.
To deploy our core members to NDC strongholds to minimised their votes and maintain for fair play.
We should adopt a collation centre at every Electoral area, constituency, Districts, and the Regional levels to collate the election result.
Vigilant is the major key for this year general election and we must not be complacent.
We should adopt intellectuals such as lecturers, teachers, Doctors, Professional etc. as our party agents(at least external) for the D – Day.
All the P/S executives and the volunteers should prepare to whip our members to go and vote early to avoid complacency.

What do you think?

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