NPP’s call for new voters register waste of time – NPP Vice Chairman

Second Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Crabbe, has said the party is wasting its time fighting the Electoral Commission (EC) for a new voter’s register.

Mr Crabbe, who is in court challenging the decision by the National Disciplinary Committee of the party to suspend him for, allegedly disregarding the party’s structures, said the party would lose the 2016 general elections if they failed to focus on campaigning, instead of channelling their energies into fighting for a fresh voter roll.

In an exclusive interview with Class News’ Nabil Ahmed Rufai, Mr Crabbe explained on April 12 that the NPP is “fighting in the wrong direction”.

“We have an agenda to remove the current president [of Ghana] and put our flagbearer [Nana Akufo-Addo] there. We need to stop fighting everybody and focus on the job ahead. We should stop fighting everybody and focus on the job ahead. We should stop lazing and do things that will win the elections,” advised Mr Crabbe.

He held a strong view that the issues raised by the NPP against the EC “are not crucial to winning an election”.

He added: “We can have teams to engage the EC behind the scene so that the core issues of winning an election can be focused on, but you do not take the whole party in one direction to fight the EC instead of turning the fight against Mahama.”

He was of the opinion that the current legal battle between him and the party was not aimed at antagonising the party but a reaction to certain decisions that contravened the constitution of the party.

“I am only trying to bring the party where it should be, so, we can focus and win the elections. Until we all abide by the constitution of the party, our chances of winning the election [are] zero,” he stressed.

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