NPP Women Bathing Kids For Votes

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), is leaving no stone unturned in selling itself to the electorates for votes.

In recent times, the NPP, has tried some interesting and disingenuous tricks to get into the minds of voters through the washing of private cars by some beautiful ladies wearing hot jeans pants and Nana Akufo-Addo T-shirts tied at the edge.

The group “NPP Loyal Ladies” embarked on an exercise to wash vehicles for money, while also pleading for votes. They were later seen sharing condoms to drivers of those cars, as though inviting them for sex.

Over the weekend, came a group of women called “Ladies For Nana”, moving from one place to another, bathing kids, while pleading for votes from their parents.

A picture of one of the ladies, has gone viral on social media platforms, where the lady in glasses, is seen busily bathing a young boy in a basin. Though the picture, has shocked many and has been mocked, the NPP in their defense, insists it is a good campaign strategy.

The woman clad in NPP polo shirt with blue jeans and a scarf fixed at her waistline, with soap and sponge with a bucket of water placed beside her, bathed the boy to impress probably the family for their votes, since the boy has no vote to offer.

Recently, another NPP group “NPP Loyal Ladies” embarked on an exercise to wash vehicles for money while also pleading for votes.

The group, who were joined by wife of the NPP’s vice presidential candidate, Samira Bawumia in Accra, distributed stickers, an innovation by the #ichooseJM team.

Meanwhile, wife of three times flagbearer of the NPP, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has been spotted eating Ga Kenkey in far away United Kingdom (UK) having also flown outside for a party event.

Auntie Becky, as she is affectionately called, was on a 10-day visit to that country with her husband, Nana Akufo-Addo.

Per a picture circulating on social media such as facebook and whatsapp, she sits in front of a table with the party’s national women organizer, Otico Afisah Djaba, together with an unknown woman clad in NPP t-shirts and other party paraphernalia, eating the staple Ghanaian food. She had no
smile on her face, as she appeared unhappy about the picture.

They have since returned to Ghana to continue the campaign for the December 7 general elections.

Members of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the other hand, have been seen employing some innovative campaign strategies to sell the works of the president, John Dramani Mahama.

The youth groups within the party are in groups such as, #IchooseJM#, Doves for Mahama, Women for Mahama, Young Professionals for Mahama among others. Their aim is to ensure President Mahama ,wins the forthcoming presidential polls.

The NPP, has also been seen trying to undo the NDC with “Greed Book” and “Blue Book” as a sequel to the government’s “Greenbook”

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