NPP is only seeking to discredit EC – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has accused the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of embarking on a campaign to discredit the Electoral Commission, as a plot to reject the outcome of the elections if it they do not win.

President Mahama, who said this at the launch of his party’s campaign for the 2016 polls at the Cape Coast in the Central Region, stated that Ghana’s Electoral Commission remains credible on the continent, and has been resourced to deliver a free and fair election.

“Lately, it has become fashionable for the largest opposition party to discredit the EC. All kinds of accusations including unprintable insults hurled at the person of the EC Chair have become normal. This is unacceptable. But for students of politics, we can see the strategy behind it. It’s an old trick in the book; vilify the referee and reduce his credibility in the eyes of the public when you can tell you are losing the match. This creates the platform where when you lose you contest the outcome of the match, and this is the underlying force for all the winding that is taking place against the EC at every step of the electoral process. And yet with the same EC, the same voters’ register and process, the same party has participated in two by-elections and won; and this is indeed a paradox.”

“Our EC has a proud history of delivering credible elections in Ghana and has been used as a facilitator and resource person to transfer Ghana’s experience to other countries. Our electoral process has safeguards that allow us to police the elections from the polling station level to the declaration of results. Policing the poll and ensuring the integrity of the ballot, is as much the responsibility of the EC, as it is for us political parties. As President, I will ensure the Commission has all the support it needs to carry out its mandate.”

Disunited NPP can’t govern us – Mahama

According to Mahama, the NPP is disunited and is not in the position to govern the country.

He called on Ghanaians to give his administration a second term, to continue the good foundation they have laid.

He admitted that election would be tough but said the party has what it takes to win the elections.

President Mahama officially declared the party’s campaign duly launched, and asked all members of the party to contribute to the campaign for his second term.

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