NPP PC for Domeabra Obom indicted by EOCO

Every now and then, our friends from the other side of the political divide, NPP, accuse the Mahama government of being enmeshed in corruption.

They are quick to point to some corruption scandals that have rocked this government which President Mahama and his team are using all legitimate process to address.

The NPP present themselves as angels to electorate but in the dark they do worse things. Their record even in opposition has shown that they are nemeses of the country’s growth and development.

With less than 30 days to the election, a report has emerged from EOCO which indicts the NPP PC for Domeabra Obom constituency, Mohammed Baba Darison, in a jaw-dropping scandal at Korle Bu.

The problems at Korle Bu is not new to those of us who have been following developments at that prime health outfit.

Aside the infighting among junior and senior staffs, workers at Korle Bu have severally embarked on strike over salaries and allowances.

They are quick to accuse government of insensitivity. But the latest report from EOCO has shown all of us that Korle BU is generating a lot of revenue but these revenues end up in the pockets of some cabals.

Courtesy this report, we now know that the NPP PC for Domeabra Obom is one of the cabals at Korle Bu milking the nation dry. If in opposition he can connive with two others to steal that amount of money, only God knows what he will do if, God forbid, his party wins the election.

For the uninitiated, the NPP has fielded about three individuals as PCs who were neckdeep in the DKM scandal. Their MP for one of the Fanteakwa constituencies has also used his rural bank to dupe unsuspecting customers.

Now, their PC for Domeabra Obom, Mohammed Baba Darison has also raped the nation of revenues that should ordinarily have gone to government chest.

These corruption scandals are foretaste of what they will do when we give them the mandate to govern this country.

What do you think?

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