NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Ablekuma north constituency exposed

The President’s visit to the Ablekuma North constituency has been met with a lot of controversy, as the leading opposition saw the gesture as an opportunity to score political points and relevance. Many news headlines reported that the President suffered hooting from traders at the Kokompe market, however the incident was confirmed to be a stage-managed performance from the opposition, after the Kokompe traders union vehemently denied any involvement.

In a new twist of events, the NDC Ablekuma North Constituency, has released a press statement to further rubbish the claims of hooting. In a statement signed by Victus Avevor, the constituency office has exposed the threats of violence posed by the NPP and it’s supporters in the constituency. Below is a copy of the statement.

The NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Nana Akua Owusu Afriyie otherwise known as Afriyie who lives in the Ablekuma West Constituency has been exposed for orchestrating violence in the Ablekuma north constituency. Akua Afriyieh seems to have gained notoriety for inciting and instigating violence in the Ablekuma North Constituency ever since she assumed the Parliamentary Candidature of the opposition New Patriotic Party. Nana Akua who has lost touch with the leadership and membership of the NPP seems to be scared of the looming defeat that stares her in the face and thus resort to violence at the least opportunity as her means of gaining prominence.
This press statement has been necessitated by the attempt by the NPP to make capital out of a purported footage making rounds on social media with the claim that the President H.E. John Dramani Mahama was hooted at in Darkuman Kokompe in the Ablekuma North constituency during the Greater Accra regional tour on 11th October 2016. The party in the constituency wishes to add its voice to the numerous calls by the partys hierarchy to treat the incident with the contempt it deserves through this exposé. This effort we believe will put the matter to rest.
The NDC party believes that the footage was staged to foment trouble and score cheap political points. Our belief is based on a number of happenings since the NPP Parliamentary candidate assumed the leadership of the Ablekuma North Constituency on the ticket of the NPP. Notable among her misconducts are:
Deliberately parking her SUV Toyota Fortuner for well over 40minutes directly in front of the NDC parliamentary candidates office on the eve of the EC filing to the amazement of onlookers, causing obstruction to traffic flow; an act that could have sparked violence but for the restraint exercised by the members of the NDC.
Akua through her allies have continuously defaced and removed our candidates posters especially in Sakaman and Odorkor Tipper
The said candidate was adamant to several calls to remove her banner superimposed on our candidates banner for over two weeks in spite of a photo evidence of the act.
Again the NPPs candidate has been on record for unplugging the transmission power source of 3FM radio during the Ablekuma North Constituency debate organized on Friday August 26, 2016 at Kwashieman taxi rank in the full glare of supporters of both parties, denying NDC members the opportunity of dancing to the presidents campaign song (Mahama paper) thereby crushing an otherwise interesting event to an abrupt end. This conduct the NDC considers very offensive and a breach of the peace and cordiality that characterized the program especially because supporters of Madam Tilapia have earlier danced to Akuffo Addos campaign song.
Ms. Afriyie is also alleged to have mobilized and engaged some innocent youth from the Ablekuma North Constituency at a fee in the infamous vandalizing of the NPP Head Office at Asylum down somewhere last year.
By her conducts the NDC is convinced beyond reasonable doubt and have come to the conclusion that Akua Afriyie is a dangerous character who cannot represent and reflect the interest of the constituency.
We are therefore by this press statement cautioning the NPP Parliamentary Candidate and her allies to desist from their activities that seek to breach the peace and endanger peaceful coexistence. Let me be quick to add that our NDC faithful in the constituency are fast running out of patience at our candidates inability to rebut all of Afriyies diabolical acts.
We hereby alert the security agencies to keep a close eye on her since her conduct constitutes a potential threat to peace and security within and outside the constituency.
We wish to reiterate that, our candidate and party members have kept their calm and composure in the face of extreme provocation because members of the National Democratic Congress are peace loving people and thus engage in healthy politics based on ideas and strategies rather than personality attack.
Thank You.
Victus Avevor
All Media Houses
Security Agencies
NDC- Regional
NDC-Ablekuma North

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