NPP panicking over Duffuor’s acceptability rate – Solomon Nkansah

13th April 2023

The acceptability and leadership qualities of Dr. Kwabena Duffuor amongst Ghanaians has sent the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) into shock and panic mode as he has become a colossus in politics, a member of his campaign team claims

Dr. Duffuor is campaigning and selling his ideas to delegates of the NDC to lead them into the election 2024. Even before that, his team says the overwhelming endorsement from sections of Ghanaians is sending fears to the NPP affecting their choice of a candidate in the future.


Former National Communication Officer of the NDC Solomon Nkansah mentions Duffour’s track record and calm demeanor as a selling point for him winning the next election.

“The NPP today are panicking when they see Duffour’s acceptability rate, they thought the man was not going to go anywhere regards what was happening in the NDC but now they are reviewing their strategy and approach”

“Dr Duffour’s experiences cannot be compared to Mahama, not in any sphere. Duffour may be ‘try’ me but he is better to lead Ghana. He has a certain track record. He came with Mills and gave better figures under the economy, he is a businessman, he became a lecturer at Legon, he was one of the best governors of the Bank of Ghana”

“He has done so much in the country to deserve making Ghana great again in the eyes of all and other nations. He holds the Ghanaian dream, whereby every Ghanaian will be happy. We are sending Ghana to the promised land just as Nkrumah did, just like work and happiness”, he assured.

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