Is The NPP The Only Opposition Party Contesting This Year’s Election

Since the New Patriotic Party (NPP), lost the 2008 election, the party has never seen eye to eye with the Electoral Commission (EC), anything the commission has done, have always been met with criticism, suspicion and indifference.

The call is that, it is either we win or we cannot trust the referee.

The 2012 election was the most interesting one, when everything the party asked for was provided, despite the limited resources with competing demands, the party through one of its surrogate, Danquah Institute, which has been overshadowed by Let My Vote Count Alliance, championed the use of Biometric machine. They moved onto No Verification No Vote that was also granted, yet when the lost, they claim they were cheated.

Any objective minded Ghanaian, listening to Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party as closely as I do in this election year, but more so in the last few months, cannot help, but be troubled by some of the pronouncements coming out of their mouths, as they anticipate a very humiliating defeat at the polls.

The most dangerous and egregious of the threat the NPP poses to this country, is his allegation that the Electoral Commission is joining hands with
the National Democratic Congress and president, John Dramani Mahama to rig the election.

It is an allegation that cannot be substantiated, but they keep making it, nonetheless, at every campaign stop around the country and at press conferences that have reduced lately, just to incite their supporters to violence in the event of Nana Addo losing the election a third time by a narrow margin, which is most unlikely given all that we know today about the achievements of the Mahama-led administration.

The behavior and utterances of the NPP, has earned this country international recognition, for the second time in our fourth democratic dispensation, the United States of America and the United Kingdom government, have had to issue statements, telling us how to conduct ourselves. We are a sovereign state and have conducted successful elections since 1992, we have seen power transfer from one party to another in a peaceful and fair manner, why do we jeopardize that, because one person must be president at all cost.

A fortnight ago, the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region, led by Chairman Wontumi, raised alarm when the ballot papers for parliamentary candidates were received in that region, the allegation was that, the ballot papers did not have the NPP’s initials printed on it, as it was done for other parties.

Unknown to the general public, an agreement was reached with all the political parties, before the Electoral commission, went ahead with the printing, so why the noise.

Even before this absurd claim by the NPP, pictures of ballot papers, had gone viral on social media, about a purported plot being hatched in the Northern region to rig the elections.

On Monday, November 21, the NPP through its acting General Secretary issued another statement in a series of statements.

“We strongly condemn any attempt to manipulate the election materials and call on the appropriate authorities to investigate these acts immediately,”

According to the press release, all political parties were given an opportunity to inspect the seals on the bags containing election materials for the 31 constituencies in the Northern Region.

“They discovered that parliamentary ballot papers for Savelugu constituency arrived with the NDC candidate having his ballot column already marked, which, on voting day, could have been confused with a thumbprint. The consequence of this, if left unchecked, would have been that voters who cast their ballots for other candidates risked having their votes rejected,” the party lamented.

On that same day, Martin Adjei Korsah, was also on air suggesting that, one of the plates for the printing of the presidential ballot, has at the printing press, been given to an unknown person who took it away. When will the allegations stop?

All the political parties on the ballot are represented at the printing press, the only political party to observe any allegedly clandestine move is the New Patriotic Party, the Progressive People’s Party, the People’s National Convention, the Convention People’s Party, The National Democratic
Party, the National Democratic Congress, have representatives at the place, why is it the NPP that seems to have a big nose and so smells

Part of the goal of the NPP, is to cause disharmony and mayhem, preparing the minds of their supporters not to accept any outcome apart from the one that will make Nana Addo, the president.

Nana Addo is behaving pretty much like the leper with no fingers to milk a cow, but who has the leg to kick the can containing the milk.

The NPP are doing everything to reduce our elections to anything, other than a charade, by running down the EC and criticizing every move of the commission, so they can tell Ghanaians after December 7 that, “we told you so.”

I just wish the governing party, the National Democratic Congress and the President, would not take their eyes on the prize, the NPP, whiles making all these allegations and noise are vigorously on the ground campaigning, this is a trap designed to get the parties to refocus their attention on the EC.

It is a smart but not too smart a move, because some people see through all their evil plans.

These false indictments of the Electoral Commission on daily basis are always based on false premises, and most Ghanaians know that for a fact, but there are still many fanatics of the New Patriotic Party, who believe everything that comes out of Nana Addo and his running mate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s mouth and would act on it, if the push comes to shove.

What do you think?

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