NPP Now A Hotbed Of Chaos

The NPP is obviously now a hotbed of chaos. I have several reasons to back my claim. During an NPP emergency NEC meeting to plan the vetting of parliamentary candidates for their primary election, the General Secretary and the Chairman of the party were nowhere to be found. While Paul Afoko was chilling in the UK, hehehehehe, Kwabena Agyepong was in Kumasi eating mankeni fufuo and abunubunu.

When the entire NPP gurus were in Talensi to campaign towards a by-election, Kwabena Agyepong, the General Secretary was globe-trotting while his Chairman, Paul Afoko was busy helping Magic Mahama to award the former EC boss, Dr. Afari-Gyan, and receive the incoming boss, Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

Kikikikikiki, I no finish oo, hmmm, more wahala dey. Some party people are seeking to cause the arrest of some national executives for financial malfeasance. As if these were not enough, the beleaguered General Secretary dropped a bombshell. He said he only got to know about the NPP Presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo’s ongoing “Rise And Build Tour” on the internet.

Chai, confusion be what? A statement signed by the chairman of the Council of Elders CK Tedam and copied to the flagbearer of the party and former President John Kufuor said the conduct of Mr. Afoko is bringing the image of the party into disrepute so he should be at least suspended from office until after the 2016 elections.

Hehehehehe, I can see that some people are having itching ears, but don’t worry I will give you more filla. On September 14, 2015, a militant group of the NPP, Bolgatanga Bull Dogs (BBD) in a press release titled “Touch Not my Anointed” and signed by the Contingent Commander, Reginald Yussif Ayikambey, threatened that the NPP should forget about the three northern regions if they suspend Paul Afoko. This is a double-whammy isn’t it?

It is incredible for an organization to take such self-destructive trajectory, and I laugh when they blame the voters’ register for their impending defeat in 2016. There is a saying in Akan that “if you can’t carry your load, don’t blame the head pad.”
The NPP’s noise about a bloated register is baseless, and I will prove it.

The Ghanaian voters register since 1992 to date shows a reasonable incremental trend and a systematic pattern which conforms with the country’s projected population growth. Therefore, any claim of a bloated register in comparison with the population of the country cannot be supported by any scientific evidence. Please see the figures below:

1992 6, 862, 370
1996 8, 239, 902
2000 10, 141, 400
2004 11, 202, 508
2008 13, 021, 558
2012 13, 682, 083

So, you see, there is more to the NPP’s problems which must not be blamed on the voters’ register. You would recall that during the Supreme Court election petition case, Lawyer Ayikwei Otu, a leading member of the NPP defending the then NPP General Secretary, Sir John, in a contempt case, stated that he Sir John had been possessed by some “gbeshie” spirits. Sometime later, another leading member also referring to Osafo Marfo’s ethnocentric remarks said that he believes that Mr. Marfo must have been possessed by some “gbeshie” spirits too; and they may be right.

I also want to believe that those ruthless “gbeshie” spirits pestering the NPP are led by Belzibub himself, and they come in camboo shoes so leaders and members of the party do not perceive ominous signals. Those demons seem to be on the prowl ready to devour the flesh of the elephant.

Anthony Obeng Afrane

Written by Web Master

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