NPP Must Find A Better Message And Leave Lordina Alone

Four months to an election and the biggest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), have resorted to throwing mud at everybody, whose work and effort is putting smiles on the faces of Ghanaians.

What is the purpose of politics, if not to help alleviate the suffering of people?

Our hardworking first lady is a good example of a prudent and virtuous wife who seeks for the welfare of her household and millions of Ghanaians, who always call on her for help and assistance.

Women constitute over 50 per cent of Ghana’s population, and yet they bear 80 per cent of life’s socioeconomic and political burdens.

Females are this country’s single greatest but wasting asset. As long as they remain excluded, oppressed and under-appreciated, so much would the nation lose the valuable contribution of its majority!

History has repeatedly shown that individuals and nations are only as good as their mothers and women. As the common saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman.

The first lady has recognized the contribution of women to the socio-economic development of this nation and has thus taken it upon herself to extend to them what they need most. She is not giving fish, as we have seen others do, but teaching them how to fish.

First ladies, all over the world choose one project or another to help advance the course of their countries.

Lordina Mahama has taken the issue of women and children as her topmost priority and has set up the Lordina Foundation.

We have a newsflash for those shouting from the rooftops and accusing her of using state resources to fund her project that, the Foundation was not established when she became the first lady, but a project she started years ago.

Politics, must not always be dirty, we must not run down people for purposes of winning elections, we need to recognize each other’s contribution in a bigger picture of bringing relief to our mothers and children living in deprived areas.

We at The Herald, commend the good work of the first lady, who is also in her small way touching lives.

The opposition should encourage her to do more and not resort to politics of hatred, with the aim of discrediting her for political gain.

What do you think?

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