Over the years women have been recognized as a major factor to our sustainable development agenda globally. Ghana and indeed the global community have thus invested much effort in ensuring adequate and strong participation of women at all levels in the socio-economic and political processes in the country. The strides and successes made over the years needs to be jealously guarded whiles continued interventions are made to ensure stronger and more women empowerment and participation.

All stakeholders must make meaningful contribution towards the achievement if this noble and collective agenda of empowering our women, and ensuring their active participation in all spheres of society towards our sustainable development. Undoubtedly one of such important institution is the Parliament of Ghana which plays a critical role in our governance and democratic processes.

However, it is with shock, disbelief and utter that a member of this honourable institution has launched a rather preposterous and chauvinistic attack on Mrs Charlotte Osei, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana in unprintable words. We unreservedly condemn such unwarranted and outrageous attacks on Mrs Charlotte Osei and any female occupying high leadership positions by merits. We call on Ghanaians to reject such loose political talk and call on civil societies and relevant institutions of state, starting with the Parliament of Ghana especially the minority caucus to take steps to appropriately sanction such unparliamentary and dishonourable conduct. We call on the NPP and its flag bearer Nana Akuffo Addo to exhibit a high level of leadership on this act by Mr. Kennedy Agyepong thus if they are not in sync with the utterances of their leading member and financier of their party.
We urge all women in leadership positions and those who aspire to take leadership positions to be resolute in providing quality leadership despite discrimination and gender mainstreaming against women from some sectors of society.

We in the NDC are still of the strong belief that people should not be judged by their gender but by their competence. We will always safeguard the interest of women irrespective of their place of origin or status in the society.

We seize this opportunity to urge all interested parties in our electioneering and democratic process to exercise circumspection in their criticism of the Electoral commission many of which have directly and indirectly sought to discredit and rundown the Commission and its chairperson for their own parochial interest.

Long live Ghana
Long live NDC

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Hajia Zaynab Joyce Mahama
National Women’s Organizer
National Democratic Congress

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