NPP likely to discipline Sammy Crabbe if petitioned

NPP Communications Director Nana Akomea says Second Vice-Chair Sammy Crabbe’s public rebellion against a party decision should be taken seriously.

Nana Akomea told Joy News Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah, Sammy Crabbe has shown “gross disrespect” towards the party by insisting he does not recognise the decision to suspend its National Chairman, Paul Afoko.
“Sammy Crabbe is setting himself up for disciplinary action,” Nana Akomea maintained.

Sammy Crabbe has been a faithful supporter of Paul Afoko and General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong since large sections of the grassroots began agitating for their removal from office.
He says he won’t attend any meeting called by the Acting Chairman Fredie Blay.

Nana Akomea has counseled, this is not the way to go in expressing grievances. “You may disagree [with the decision], but you have to respect it,” he stated.

Sammy Crabbe
Nana Akomea says he is surprised by Crabbe’s flagrant disregard for internal party procedures used to voice dissent.

He said even Paul Afoko whom Crabbe remains loyal to, has resorted to using internal mechanisms to protest the National Executive Committee decision.

“If anybody brought any petition against him, I am sure it will be taken seriously,” Nana Akomea said.
He explained that suspending officers is within the powers of the NEC and revealed Sammy Crabbe also suspended party members and even sitting MPs while he was Greater Accra Regional Chairman.

But Mr Crabbe has hit back saying he will not be bullied into settling for the culture of silence gradually being introduced in the opposition NPP.

He said he is unmoved by the “veiled threats” issued by Nana Akomea and insisted party members are being cowed.

Sammy Crabbe warned if the situation persists the NPP may eventually die a premature death. He pointed out a case he claimed occurred at the Odododiodoo constituency where a party executive was allegedly chased after expressing a divergent opinion.

“This is not Danquah, this is not Dombo, this is not Busia,” he referred to the party’s forbearers acknowledged as leading lights in respect for the rule of law and democracy.

He suspects that very soon, the party will instigate some tribesmen in his constituency to petition for his suspension, alleging that was what was done to Paul Afoko.

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