NPP Lawyer Asks Second Lady To Be Productive

Wife of the vice president, Samira Bawumia, has been asked to redirect her focus and attention on issues of national development, rather than constantly flaunting her beauty on both social media and mainstream media, unproductively.

Her husband, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has also been tasked to help reposition her instead and end her continuous concentration on fashion and photography.

The lawyer wrote; “Second Lady, Samira Bawumia should refocus, enough of the glitz and glamour, it’s time to work”.

Samira Bawumia, recently travelled to India and surprisingly met stars of Kumkum Bhagya – a Hindi-language soap opera serializing on Adom TV.

This advice is from Lawyer Mary Ohenewa Afful, a sympathizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), who is unimpressed with the regular news of Mrs. Bawumia on the red carpet and other social events like fashion shows and beauty pageants.

Lawyer Ohenewa, later explained on Adom FM, “we want her to tone down. Mr. Bawumia please, tell her it is enough, we all know she is beautiful, tell her it is ok she should redirect her focus, because there are other pressing issues we need her to do with her influence”.

The lawyer who described herself as “Voice for the Voiceless”, said it was important people around the Second Lady, drew her attention to the fact that, there are more pressing national issues like child labour, child malnourishment, child prostitution that must necessarily catch her attention, rather than wowing on red carpets.

Speaking to Adom FM’s Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady, Lawyer Ohenewa said “Mrs. Bawumia is Second Lady of Ghana in case she hasn’t recognized it; some of us, will have to tell her that, she occupies a very big position by virtue of the fact that, she’s married to the vice president of Ghana. It is not child’s play.

When you get to such height in life, you need to mingle with people who can direct you positively. Elsewhere, there is something called, Wealth Manager, one can wake up from bed and win lotto and within a twinkle of an eye, he is a billionaire. Someone like that needs somebody to manage him.

Mrs. Bawumia, needs to get people around her to tell her what to do, because she has influence. Her influence can help street children, child labour, child prostitution, child malnourishment and all that. With her influence, she can get both local and international funding to help these children”.

Samira Bawuma, has since NPP assumed office, been drawing a lot of attention to herself with her sense of fashion with some going to the extent of saying she has overshadowed the First Lady, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo. She has been seen at very odd hours attending one event or the other with all cameras zooming on her.

Last month, the mother of four, was named the Style Icon of the Year at the third edition of the Glitz Style Awards 2017.

But lawyer Ohenewa, is not impressed because according to her, Samira, who during the campaign dressed like a Muslim lady, has resulted to dressing anyhow she likes to programmes.

“It looks like the slaying has become her focus. We have priorities; this is a very pressing issue. It looks like fashion or dressing has become her priority, even her culture or her tribe where she is coming from, she dressed that way to look for votes. Why do you just change?

They have a way of dressing, which should be number one, they wear hijab to cover her face and neck. It is not dressing alone, she is now involved in fashion programmes that should not be her focus. Must she wear those things only during Sallah?

Lawyer Ohenewaa said, Ghanaians, need the attention of Samira, because slaying does not put food on the table, adding that if people are hungry, looking beautiful every time is secondary to them. She said issues of survival must necessarily be her priority and said there are needy children on the street who are begging for attention. Mrs. Bawumia she added, could get some of these children from the street.

She said “Look, when you are looking at issues of survival you don’t look at dressing. Issues of survival must come first before fun or dressing so I want survival issues to be her primary aim.

Look at the many children on the street, if she is committed to take 100 of them, do you know the impact it will make in the life of those children? Even those of us without political power, we are able to help poor people.

I want to redirect her focus, I don’t care if she is dressing, but in addition, she is beautiful we all know, Vim lady you are a beautiful woman, I am also a very beautiful woman, but beauty alone is not enough”.

She said, it would have been commendable if the Second Lady, saw the need to bring herself down to the poor and offered support to them, because it was not beyond her.

The lawyer who spoke passionately about the issue said, she was attracted to the way Mrs. Bawumia excelled in the campaign and so in the same vein, she should use the power and influence for the benefit of the less privileged.

“I want her to come down to the level of the ordinary people, because that was why some of us voted for them and she was one of the shining stars, we watched her on huge campaign platforms and she could deliver, in fact she won my heart and I do not want her to disappoint me that is why I am doing this.

I am far older than her, Mrs. Bawumia is a very young woman, so I am speaking to her in my capacity as an advocate. I even want her to focus on children. If at the end of their term, she is able to affect even one child, do you know the impact of that for herself?

She was disgusted about news that the former television hostess ,shared her husband’s picture on social media and asked for “likes”, saying that energy could have been redirected to important issues.

According to the lawyer, even if Mrs. Bawumia, was involved in any form of project, she should be seen doing things herself.

“You don’t need to share pictures of your husband for publicity, do you know the publicity you can get if you help poor children, if she is sponsoring the people we want to see her involved. It’s not about going to give money to people. What is wrong if she goes on the street to look for those children, is she too big for that?

When the issue of former second lady (Mrs. Amissah Arthur) came up, we spoke against it, I don’t care if I am a sympathizer of NPP or sympathizer of Nana Addo. If the page is not hers, why has she not issued a disclaimer, we all followed her during the elections”, he stressed.

This thing am talking about is not a small issue, it is a big issue and am expecting the people who manage her to redirect her focus.

She can do her dressing, but dressing alone is not enough that is why some of us we add other things to it, because there are a lot of things around. Someone said she is overshadowing the president’s wife, how can she overshadow the president wife? How can she be following her around? We want to see her own projects”, Lawyer Ohenewa submitted.

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