NPP is borrowing US $4.2Billion for this year’s elections

Investigation reveals that, the biggest opposition party in Ghana, the NEW PARTRIOTIC PARTY (NPP) is borrowing US $4.2billion from external source.
According to source, the NPP is given several conditions to fulfill before the advancement of the loan.

The NPP is promising to pay the loan with all the interest within 3 years no matter what the condition of Ghana’s economy.
They also promise to hand over the country’s oil industry to the foreigners from that particular country as a fulfilment of one of the conditions.
Sources reveal that, majority of the party gurus are against that decision.
However, the party flag bearer is ready to fight anybody who will voice against the decision.
Other party elders are afraid of the decision since it may cause Ghanaians now and future.
The source reveal that, some bigwigs in the party are praying hard the NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY (NPP) loses this year’s elections to save Ghana from doom.
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