NPP Invisible Forces threaten government over joblessness

Members of the vigilante group Invisible Forces have threatened mayhem on government officials if they are not provided with jobs.
The aggrieved Invisible Forces said they are being ridiculed for their unemployment, despite the fact that they worked to bring NPP party to power.

According to them, they were promised jobs during the 2016 electioneering campaign but now that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in power, officials have turned their backs on them to the extent that, phone calls to them go unanswered.

Their threats came at a Town Hall meeting organised by the Ministry of Information in Tema on Tuesday.

Spokesperson of the group said, “You promised that there are certain jobs on the way coming. We exchanged numbers with those who are supposed to employ us. I have called them for almost two months now but nobody is ready to answer my calls.

“Please, if they will not give us work to do, what happened at Kumasi, the same thing will happen here… We are even ashamed. Some of us, we are walking in the sun and they are laughing at us. Is that how the party is supposed to treat us?”

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