NPP invasion claims against government malicious- Omane Boamah

The government has described as malicious claims by the opposition New Patriotic Party that the government masterminded the invasion of its Headquarters, Monday dawn.

The opposition party at a press conference in Accra, Friday, alleged the government organised military and police personnel to invade its head quarters as part of an agenda to create the impression as though the party was in turmoil.

But a statement issued by the Communications Minister  Dr Edward Omane Boamah said the claims by the NPP are nothing more than a fabrication to shift the blame to government;

The following is the full government statement;


Government is constrained to correct a wicked and malicious falsehood peddled by the New Patriotic Party to the effect that Government acting through the Military and Police invaded the party’s headquarters in Accra in the early hours of Monday, 23rd November, 2015.

For the avoidance of doubt, Government wishes to place on record that this claim is a deliberate fabrication by the New Patriotic Party calculated at shifting blame for the horrendous leadership it has had leading to its rapid descent into chaos, violence, lawlessness, brutal killings and total confusion over the last year or so.

We are aware that the NPP routinely dabbles in anti-government propaganda of the most undesirable kind, but this latest falsehood against government marks a new low in the party’s resort to outright untruths to pursue its objectives. As it is to be expected, they have once again failed to provide a scintilla of evidence to back these noisy claims.

Over the last few years, the Government of President John Dramani Mahama has demonstrated its commitment to the maintenance of law and order and respect for the rule of law. This is manifest in the amount of investment that has gone into the biggest retooling ever carried out by any government of the country’s security Agencies.

This retooling has positioned them to respond adequately to contemporary security challenges. But for this state of readiness on the part of our security agencies, more bloodshed would have been recorded at the NPP headquarters which has become an outpost of lawlessness and violence instead of the administrative nerve-centre of a political party.

Government notes that the Police has been investigating the matter under reference with a view to bringing the culprits to book. We call on the NPP to cooperate with the Police in this regard and desist from the ridiculous gambit of blaming others for their woes.

Government also urges the leadership of the NPP to end their total abdication of responsibility and take steps to halt the internecine feud that has left the party in shambles. The persistent bickering, open brawls and violent attacks within the party has the potential to undermine public safety and security.

The NPP must pause and sip from the cup of wisdom and peace that preaches that constantly peddling falsehood about government and seeking to foist blame on it at a time when the evidence of dysfunctional leadership within the NPP is glaring will not suffice.

The Government of President Mahama remains focused on executing its mandate of changing lives and transforming Ghana in a manner that will enhance the well-being of Ghanaians. We will not be distracted by untruths and fabrications emanating from the NPP.


Edward K. Omane Boamah (Dr)

(Communications Minister)



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